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Hi, my name is Camila Jones, and I’d like to share my experience with you on the ziggy menstrual cup, which I came across through a Facebook Ad while surfing the web on a hot afternoon. Below is my review and experience with the ziggy menstrual cup and how it has affected my life since I started using it. 

 Ziggy Cup menstrual cup reviews

I decided to surf the web one afternoon to check if there may be a new invention for women to use during menstruation; that was how I stumbled on the ziggy menstrual cup.

I doubted if the cup would do well in keeping my flow and won’t make me feel anything until it is about to get filled. 

I read the instruction on how to use it and applied it the way it ought to be, and I can say it does a great job in keeping a hygienic body during menstruation.

Not only was my mind at peace, but the cup absorbed nothing less than 35ml of blood. It is easy to remove for disposing of, easily washed and makes it very easy to use. 

As long as you follow instructions on how to use it, you will be relaxed as there is no reason to worry about bloodstain because the cup is inserted between the inner lips. 

How to use Ziggy Menstrual Cup

Like I said earlier, using a ziggy menstrual cup according to instruction is the only way to enjoy it without any hitch. It is not something difficult actually; follow these procedures I use to insert:


  • Wash your hand correctly because it must not be contaminated.
  • You can squat or sit properly, then separate your leg and slot it in; however, it is advisable to squat because it is comfortable.
  • Insert the cup gently and apply caution not to push into your vaginal.
  • Ensure the beneath of the cup is out and that your hand can quickly draw it out. 
  • Once you notice the cup is full, use the rest-room and draw out gently to avoid stains.
  • Empty it and wash properly, then insert again and repeat the same process.

Ziggy Cup front and back

Ziggy cup is flexible and is easily folded that you can hardly recognize front or back. It doesn’t matter how you choose to hold it before using it, and you can hardly differentiate the front from the back.

Ziggy Cup tips reviews

Do you know that you can have issues with this cup if you do not find some tips about the cup? Well, I manage to discover some this which I’d like to share with you:

  • It is made of silicone which makes it easy to wash.
  • Endeavor to ensure your hand’s cleanliness at all times; you do not want to use an infected hand to handle something you are inserting into your sensitive area.
  • You can fold the cup quickly, and you can use it for as long as you want.
  • It doesn’t cause infection if you use it through proper hygiene.
  • Endeavor to remove carefully in order not to strain yourself with menstrual flow
  • You can wipe the cup.

Menstrual discs VS Menstrual cups // Discover Ziggy Cup by Intimina

Features of Ziggy Cup

  •  It does not have any iota of toxic.
  •  Made of silicone
  • It doesn’t smell
  • It is easily washed, and you can wear it again.
  • It is convenient
  • Store in a cool place
  • It doesn’t cause any complications to the vagina.
  • It is easily removed.

Ziggy Cup low cervix

The best place to insert the ziggy cup is the low cervix because the ziggy cup has been modeled to its shape, making it easy to fix without any stress.

10 Facts about the Ziggy Menstrual Cup

Specific questions you may have about Ziggy Menstrual Cup

Q: What if ziggy causes complications in my sensitive area?

A: The ziggy menstrual cup doesn’t cause complications because of the silicone used in its production. However, if you fear it may cause side effects, try the period panties, perfect for light and heavy flow without any leakage or smell.

Q: How do I know if the ziggy cup is getting full?

A: The cup gets slightly weighty; however, I cannot answer because it is an individual instinct to know if it is getting filled. Therefore, monitor while using, but you will know once it is getting filled.

Q: So what if I buy it and it doesn’t fit in? Can I return it?

A: This is something you insert into your private part. The company or the retailer won’t accept

Q: I find it stressful with all the experience you share here, isn’t there any alternative?

A: Of course, we have Menstrual panties that don’t cause any stress as long as you wear them.

Q: For how long can I use a ziggy menstrual cup

A: You can use it for more than five years; all you need to do is maintain clean hygiene.

Q: Why is my Ziggy cup leaking?

A: Your cup isn’t fully open; that is why it’s leaking. The cup leaks are also because the edges are slightly folded, which prevents it from holding suction on the vaginal wall. 

Q: How much do Ziggy cups hold?

A: The  Ziggy Cup holds up to 35 ml, claim to be the highest capacities that a disc or cup is reported to hold. However, menstrual panties can hold more than most cups.

Feel Ziggy Menstrual Cup is stressful? Here is an alternative

Despite all the advantages of the ziggy menstrual cup that I’ve mentioned, I know many ladies will feel that using a menstrual pad is better because of the stress of removing and inserting. I share your point of view, which is why I will advise you to get period panties.

Where you can find Ziggy Menstrual Cup

You can find a ziggy menstrual cup at a local store, and you should find out if there are retailers in charge of distribution in your geographical area. However, you can order it online from the company, and it will be delivered to your doorstep. 

Also, your location will determine the charges for shipping and dropping. Check your local delivery service because the company doesn’t determine such a situation.

Ziggy office & Customer services

  • customercare@intimina.com
  • EU – LELOi AB, Karlavagen 41, 114 31 Stockholm Sweden
  • USA – LELO Inc., 5799 Fontanoso Way, San Jose, CA 95138
  • Southern Europe – LELO, Calle de las Infantas 27, 2 Izda, 28004 Madrid
  • Asia – LELO, Room 1701-1710, 75 South Wan Ping Road, Shanghai 200032, China
    • Telephone:  86-21-54041891
    • sales.asia@intimina.com


The reality is that this cup can save you from unnecessary spending on menstrual pads and cotton, it absorbs up to 35ml of blood, and you always clean it for re-use. However, many ladies think using this cup can be stressful. This is why I advise that you go for period panties to keep you fresh for the whole.

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