Top 10 Trending Skincare Trends

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Remember your granny boasting about their beautiful skin just with a stroke of fuller’s earth and rose water. Well! Their claims are still justified. Back then, people were naturally beautiful. All thanks to their organic diet, pollution-free environment, stress-free life, and zero synthetic products.

Those times were different and thus, the need of the hour is to upgrade as per the conditions. The skincare and beauty market has seen a striking boost after the pandemic. All thanks to a lot of free time and internet plans, of course, people started to share their skincare routines online. Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and all other social media websites have made even 13-year-olds conscious of their skin and its needs.

The year 2021 was the beginning of it all and yes the craze for it is bang on. From makeup, fashion, and jewelry to every single trend, people rely on social media now. Moreover, it’s difficult for any trend to hold its ground for more than a month or two. People love to see what’s new now!

So, after digging a lot, we have come up with the most favored and followed skincare trends for the year 2022. Mind you, these skincare trends are just like the regular skincare routines you have been following for years. All of the methods stated below will introduce you to a more defined and strategic way of skincare. Most of these are followed by your favorite celebrities too. And yes, every good thing is not necessarily expensive. It’s all about staying updated with the latest ongoing trends.

1. Detoxifying Face masks:

What can be as calming as a face mask? After a juggling, tiring day at your office, I bet you will always like someone to pamper your skin with some kind of massage. But of course, as you live alone this desire has to be fulfilled with these supremely soothing face masks. Along with relaxing your skin, these face masks are designed to detoxify your skin from all the piled-up dead skin, dirt, extra sebum, impurities, and bacteria. These face masks are completely easy to apply, as they comprise detoxifying clay, acids, and other soothing ingredients for instant relief. Leave it on for 10 mins and rinse it off. You can literally feel your skin breathe.

2. At-Home Cryotherapy:

People who just wonder about this new age method must know a bit of history associated with it. Cryotherapy is primarily associated with muscle recovery after physical exercises.

This method entered into skincare and wellness in the name of Cryofacial or Frotox. The therapy focuses on skin rejuvenation for brighter, glowing, and younger-looking skin. However, it is an expensive process and a bit of a luxury therapy.

Thus, the Cryorollers saw the light of day. These are affordable, accessible, and deliver great results. These rollers help in stimulating blood flow, ease down the puffiness and relax facial muscles to absorb the applied products better.

3. Celebrity Skin-Care Lines:

The women in the fashion, cinema, and music business are all set to take over the beauty and skincare lines. All these smart women have raised the bars with the launch of their beauty brands. Not to mention, all of these brands are in cutthroat competition with each other. Their followers have poured love immensely and got them to bring better, safer, and a variety of products. From JLo, Cardi B, Rihanna, Kardashians, and Hailey Bieber everyone is going strong with their skincare lines. You gotta explore all these beauty brands to dive into a completely new world of skincare.

4. More Aluminum Packaging:

There has been an absolute debate on the packaging of skin care products for decades now. And yes, the fashion and skincare industry has not been sensible towards the environment for the last few decades. Better late than never, last year has seen a commendable change in the packaging of beauty products. Everist launched its body wash in an aluminum tube for an easy recycle and refill process. Dove came up with the idea of a refillable stainless steel case. All these environmentally friendly products are the future of skincare.

5. Protecting The Skin Barrier:

Your skin starts aging at the age of 21, as soon as you hit adulthood, but you start to acknowledge the signs at the age of 30. Your diet, lifestyle, working horse, sleeping schedule, friends, partners, environment and all the stress surrounding you are going to define your aging process. It’s better to start taking care of your skin barrier as soon as you read his article. Start using anti-aging serums as you turn 25. Keep a check on your diet, and the everyday products you put on your skin- soaps, body wash, moisturizers, lotions, creams, etc. Your skin speaks a lot about your health, making it worth noticing.

6.  Bacteria-Laden Skincare:

Modern-day science has proved the fact that our bodies have evolved a lot due to environmental changes, pollution, eating habits, and lifestyles. The natural bacteria that used to live on human skin were a natural defense mechanism to keep our skin clear and healthy against the bad bacteria, microfungal organisms, and pathogens on our skin surface. The new research states that if we manage to make these microbiomes aka bacteria healthy our skin will start getting healthier in a natural way.

The pandemic taught people to learn about skin hygiene and made this skincare technique trending in the year 2021. The trend has managed to top the charts this year too. These reparative formulas are being advocated by the topmost dermatologists of the world.

7. Micro Treatments:

As the pandemic lifted, the world returned to its normal functioning but with more pressure and work this time. People almost have zero time to spend on time-consuming skincare and wellness programs. Thus, the micro treatments have taken over with an overwhelming welcome. These micro treatment methods save your time and money with all desired results at home. These micro treatments comprise skin upliftment tools, resurfacing masks, mini facial toning devices, cryo-rollers, and many other handy products.

8. Souped Up SPF:

Sunscreens are no longer the same as they used to be a few years ago. The latest sunscreens include anti-aging, anti- acne-prone, and skin brightening ingredients. These sunscreen formulas do not clog your pores like the early cream-based version of sunscreen. These are lighter, biodegradable, perfume-free, cruel-free, and completely safe for the skin. The mousse formula seeps deep down into your skin and gives you long-lasting protection against HEV, UVA, and UVB. This daily defense formula contains high SPF and keeps your skin hydrated and does not interfere with your makeup at all.

9. Fermented Skincare:

Fermented skincare formulas are almost based on the idea of fermented food. Our skin cannot break down the required nutrients like our gut. Thus, the healthy bacteria required to fight the pathogens and other microbes also require these nutrients. Fermented skincare breaks down all the active ingredients into much smaller parts and makes it easy for our skin to absorb them. People with sensitive and dry skin are benefitted from this kind of product. It helps in resolving redness and irritation caused by other harsh products.

10. Lip scrubs:

Our lips are the most attractive feature of our face. Lipsticks, lip gels, and lip balms all have been the greatest discovery to keep your lips beautiful and fresh. Just as an add-on to this list lip scrub is creating a buzz all around. These exfoliate your lips and keep them closest to their natural shade. The trend may seem a bit overrated but it is what it is.

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