The $6 June Cup Review – My Experience

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So this is a review of the June Cup, and I made this video because I don’t think there are enough reviews about the June Cup.

This is the first menstrual cup that I’ve used.

I’ve used menstrual discs before, Obviously, maxi pads and tampons.

I’m 45 years old, so I’ve been having my period since I’m 10. So, anyway, I tried the June cup.

The June Cup Review – My Experience

I know that a lot of times, people worry about what size to get.

I have heavy cycles or two heavy days out of my cycle. That’s usually day two and three.

So because of that, I got a large cup. The large June Cup holds 36 MLS.

I’ve had two children by way of C section, so they’re not vaginal births, But I went with the Large cup because of heavy flow.

So I got it in June. Coincidentally, I got it with their promotion for $6.

1. Simple instructions before using the June cup

Well, first, when I got it,

Following the instructions, I washed it with soap and water.

It came sealed in plastic cellophane, package in the shipping bag.

I washed it with soap and hot water, and then I boiled it for, like, three minutes, and then it was ready to go.

2. Practicing how to insert the cup – Punch down worked

1. Simple instructions before using the June cup

I practiced a day before my period came.

So, you don’t have to have your period to try it out; lube might help.

So I’m going to be very real with you, so you could use a little lube to get it going if you need to.

I thought that I was going to want to use the C fold, but I went with the punch down.

I’ve tried a couple of folds. So I went with the punch down, which worked for me, and I just inserted it.

3. Process inserting the cup in my Vagina

I was home working from home, but anyway, I tried this while in quarantine here in New York.

Before I inserted it, I tried it a couple of ways squatting, sitting on the toilet.

I had better luck on the toilet, inserting it leaning forward. I have to say this is great and works well.

My Experience with flex disc

Image result for flex disc

I have been using the flex disc for many months. I thought to myself, I’m going to stop the subscription I have with the flex discs because what’s the point?

Although, I may use the disk for lighter days and the June Cup heavier days.

I think the menstrual cup works better than the disks.

Note: Use menstrual pants for lighter days and the June cup for heavier days.

Amazing experience without using Maxi pad protection

Amazing experience without using Maxi pad protectionIt was the first cycle and first time using the June menstrual cup without a pad as extra protection.

I tried it on day one without wearing a maxi pad.

To my surprise, I had one dot. 

I have not seen blood this month in the way that I had always seen it on a maxi pad and through a menstrual disk.

This cup is really amazing.

So, I would definitely suggest that you try this and if you are still able to get the promotion at this time, go for it.

How much is the June menstrual cup?

I got mine for $6 totaling $10, including the shipping fee. Even if you spend $30, it’s absolutely worth it. 

I took advantage of it initially because it was $6 plus shipping. I would absolutely do this if I were you.

How do you know is in the right position?

Menstrual Cup: What They're Actually Like To Use

Now, with regard to how you know it’s in the right position.

I’m used to tampons being up, and I’m used to menstrual discs being inserted on an angle downward.

But with the June Cup, you’re going to insert like a tampon.

Yes, it’s going to go up, but you’re not going up as high as you normally would.

So yes, I know it might have to do with the positioning of your cervix.

Do not be afraid of your lady parts. Just Explore. 

I think it’s really important and empowering for you to know your lady parts or whatever you want to call them.

When you insert, twist when you’re up, and the little nub is sitting out of your vaginal opening.

So it’s not too far out, but it’s not all the way in. So when you wipe, you’re going to feel the nub, but it doesn’t hurt.

The features 

  • It’s nontoxic.
  • It’s silicone.
  • There is no smell, whether before or after use.
  • There’s no waste.
  • It came with a satiny pouch for storage.

Is the June Cup safe?

So I would absolutely recommend the June cup. for heavy flow.

I think that I’m going to get period pants or smaller cup for my lighter days and then just be done with menstrual discs altogether.

How long does June cup last?

How long does the June cup last?I insert it in the morning and then took it out 12 hours later.

Now, on my actual heavy day, which was day two and three, I took it out maybe after 10 hours.

So it holds 36 MLS. You may leak if you get above the dotted line. 

I can’t speak highly enough about it.

I would say practice.

For young girls, I will say explore a little bit to help yourself to learn.

You know, this might take a little getting used to, So, use your judgment. So check out the June Cup.

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