Tampax Menstrual Cup Review – is it a good brand?

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Hello there, my name is Rosaline Veron; and I want to relate my story to you concerning a product review that helped me move past my menstrual troubles. The product name is Tampax menstrual cup, it has done a great job for me, and I think you’ll benefit if you can read this carefully to the end.

Tampax Menstrual Cup Product Review

It was during my research I came across a YouTube and facebook ad of a product review called Tampax Menstrual Cup, and here some reviews I got from existing customers:

Well, I must confess that this cup does a great job in keeping menstruation flow from staining the body, and it is really great in absorbing lots of blood. I will advise any young lady seeing this not to doubt the credibility of this cup.


At first I doubted if this cup will live up to expectation, but I realized that all it requires is to follow instructions properly and everything is done. Now I don’t have to spend unnecessarily on menstrual pad again, because I have a product I can use over and over again.


Although I had issues getting my actual size, but I have to confirm that this cup works very well provided you can take of the cup and store in cool place. Save yourself cost in the next five years of buying tampon or menstrual pad, this is an ultimate solution.


My take on Tampax Product Review


Like every human being with a skeptical mind, I had doubts about trying the Tampax Menstrual Cup but changed my mind when I saw customers review the product. I bought the cup, and I looked carefully at the instructions. I followed it word for word, which turned out to be a great experience. However, I must warn you; if you are not the type that observes clean hygiene at all times, you may experience issues using this product.


Tampax Cup Starter Kit


Tampax cup comes with an eco-friendly starter kit that protects it from any form of contamination, and the cup is inside a nylon seal. You may open carefully if you like to put the cup back into the seal once your flow cycle is over, and I’d also advise you to keep the kit properly because the cup is a product you can use in the next five years.


How Tampax cup works

If you have read my review till this stage, I know you must be asking yourself how the Tampax cup works; I did ask myself those questions too, but I found answers easily. Here is how the cup functions:

  • It is inserted in the lower cervix
  • It can absorb up to 35ml of blood
  • It is easily inserted and removed
  • You can use it again and again after a thorough cleaning

How to use Tampax Menstrual Cup

This is an important aspect of the Tampax Menstrual Cup you cannot afford to miss. You must know how to use the cup. Below are the steps:

  • Wash your hands properly and ensure it is clean
  • Remove the cap from the seal
  • Fold properly 
  • Sit on a water closet or squat properly
  • Insert gently and ensure the beneath of the cup is within reach.

Tampax Menstrual Cup Reviews 2021

Is Tampax a good brand?


Before a brand is certified good, people must have attested to the quality, and I wouldn’t do this if people have not attested to the efficiency of Tampax. I saw many reviews on the products, and I decided to try even though it has to do with a sensitive area. I guarantee you that it is a good brand.


Tampax cup size and dimension


The size and dimension of the Tampax cup are designed to fit into the inner lips, so its size and dimension are fitted to slot in without any stress. The size is usually 40ml, while the dimension is long enough to contain up to 35ml conveniently.


Tampax cup price


Tampax cup price is a reasonable cost of $45, and I paid a shipping fee of $9, which brings the total to a sum of $54. However, you should know that your geographical zone and your country will determine the price. Therefore, do your research and find out the shipping price.


What if I find Cup stressful?

As I have said concerning the Tampax menstrual cup product review, people who have used it have confirmed its authenticity, but some did make mention of the cup being stressful. The good news is that there is a worthy alternative in period panties that is worn like regular pants and absorb your menstrual flow peacefully.

How do I care for the Tampax Menstrual Cup?

I have said earlier that only those who know the importance of cleanliness can use Tampax Menstrual Cup. Remember, this is something you use repeatedly; it even requires a strict hygiene process because it is a sensitive area product. You don’t want to invite infection to the part that makes you a woman; here are tips you need to care for the cup:

  • Ensure your hands are clean whenever you want to use them.
  • Wash and clean with a mild soap
  • Rinse with cotton
  • Insert it into the microwave to ensure proper heat.
  • However, on no condition should you use immediately after microwaving, plan yourself properly, and this is why I suggest you get yourself period panties.

What if Tampax Menstrual Cup slips under me?

What if Cup slips under me?

Wow! I know some of you might be wondering if it can slip under, thereby causing a public disgrace. Tampax menstrual cup doesn’t suffer mishap nor slip except you have not the following instruction. I will advise you not to fix it when you’re anxious or trying to meet up on something. Take your time and fix it properly, and it can absorb up to 35ml of blood before you remove it for disposal of blood.

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