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Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal 40000 – Don’t get Fooled! Does it Work?

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Silkn Infinity hair removal  – Do you think this product is worth buying? People are been scammed and sold the same refurbished design as a new model. You may not be aware of this new internet scam of stealing from buyers. That’s prettily smart, right? 

The same ideology applies to many brands like (  Lux Skin IPL,  Hello Skin CareGlow Skin co,  Kenzi IPL, and Hey Silky Skin, ), don’t get fooled. We have tried different models and they are all the same. These brands are 100% makeover, slapped with a brand name, and sold at higher prices.  Read more about this comparison  Silkn vs Luxskin

Silkn Infinity hair removal

Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device Alternative Brands

If you are looking for something unique, you may turn to some known brands like Homiley IPL, Braun IPL, Philips Lumia ipl, Remington laser hair remover, and Feeke IPL. 

I will recommend you to try Homiley laser hair removal, it works for most skin colors, and the treatment process is fully safe and gives no side effects.

These companies have good working laser hair remover and last longer when compared to other fake brands out there.  

 Silkn infinity 400 000 reviews

BEWARE: it takes patience to see the result. However, if you aren’t convinced the Silkn Infinity will work after 4-treatments, you may return before 30days if you purchased from Amazon. 

Silkn infinity hair removal is the latest technology that is capable of removing ingrown hairs, undesired hair growth, redness or other irritations.

silkn infinity 400 000 reviews

silkn infinity dark skin or Light skin color?

Silk’n infinity is applicable for most skin types include light and dark skin. However, you must be patient through the treatment before you start seeing the result. 

When you combined Silk’n Infinity  and Compact Glide, it will yield a great result. Using together gives effective results for black and dark skin color. 

How Does silkn infinity Hair Removal works?

Thanks for the light-speed pulse technology. Silk’n infinity  hair removal is designed for a long time and permanent hair removal. Silkn Infinity 400000 is the fastest and effective system for removing hair in your genitals, face, armpit, hand, and legs. Silk’n Infinity really works.

Silk’n hair removal uses a pulse light patent technology to give a long-lasting hair removal result. The optical light energy is so effective for long treatment. No more daily and stressful shaving.

The heat that comes out from the device goes to the hair pigment while leaving no effect on the surrounding skin. No more skin burn effect. This is well-improved technology when compared to other outdated IPL’s. 

Silkn Infinity Reviews before and after pictureSilkn Infinity Result – Before and After

The after-treatment results of this handset are far greater than the previous version. It is faster, -easier, and safe

The hair removal is designed to work for light skin, brown to black skin. It has worked for blond, red, and grey hair. 

Silk’n infinity hair removal comes with five energy levels to choose from while performing the treatment. We do suggest you start from level one until you find suitable energy for your skin.

How often can I use Silkn Hair Removal Device? 

To achieve a long-lasting hair removal result, you must apply the treatments up to 8 times through multiple sessions. You may start seeing results from 5 weeks or less depending on skin type, area, and color.

The treatment plan as follow;

  • 1- 4 Treatments: Two weeks apart
  • 5-7 Treatments: four weeks apart
  • 8+ Treatments: Treat as needed until hair removal results are achieved.

Laser skin treatment procedure

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