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Ruby cup is reusable like any other menstrual cup, and it shares similarities with flex cup. It is a reliable cup made of silicone to ensure women feel relaxed during their menstrual period.


However, it has a distinguished feature one-size design, the folding of the cap was easy, and that is essential to be comfortable when inserting or removing the ruby cup. 

This is why many customers have shared their review, and I also deem it fit to share mine, especially because of its ability to stop the menstrual flow from leaking. 

With the advent of products like this, the menstruation period just got easy because you do not need to be scared of uncertainty. 

Also, many women have come to the understanding of menstrual cup is reliable menstrual care because of the benefits attached to it. 

Aside from being pocket-friendly in price, it is safe, easy-to-use, and can be disposed off easily, unlike other menstrual care like sanitary pads and tampons. 

The most important thing about ruby cups is that you do not have to worry about menstrual stains; thus, you get all the freedom you want as a lady.



It is made of a silicone model, and it comes in two different sizes: size A, which is 24ml in length, and size B, which is 34ml in length.


You can find ruby cups in one single size suitable for every lady. It is used over and over again for more than one year.


Ruby Cup comes in different colors, which could be classic clear color, blue or black. You are at liberty to pick from the colors that suit you better.


Aside from being a menstrual cup that keeps your body neat and stop any form of leakages, the ruby cup also comes with special features that give you the guarantee of using a tested and trusted product:

  • Ruby cup is usable for up to ten years
  • It is extremely comfy due to its squishy form and has a pouch that is feminine in outlook.
  • Ruby cup has the capacity for protection with its capability to store up to 34ml.
  • It is flexible, and that makes it very simple to use
  • It is designed with a medically recognized silicone.



Our story

Ruby cup has been made easy, especially when it comes to cleaning and storing; during your period, make sure to do the following;


  • Wash your hands before removal to ensure clean hygiene and to avoid any form of contamination because you’re using it in a sensitive area of your body.
  • Ensure you empty the fluid in the cup
  • It must be washed with clean water and handled gently
  • When you are done washing, endeavor to dry with a cotton cloth to absorb every form of water splash.


Endeavor to store in a cool place where heat cannot penetrate; storing it in a cool place helps to preserve it longer.


After about a month, the ruby cup should be properly sterilized and afterward, microwave for three to four minutes and you can also use the oven for proper heating.


Depending on the thickness of the flow, it could last for up to 8 hours and is reusable for up to 10 years.

What is a menstrual cup? Pros, cons, and how to use one


It usually takes longer for a product that just came into existence for a short period; however, the ruby cup has been able to do an effective job in keeping women clean from the menstrual flow. The following pros can be attributed to it:

  • It is one of the best menstrual cups presently that has helped to save women from menstrual mishaps.
  • It also saves money because you do not have to keep buying, unlike a menstrual pad that is easily disposed of. Ruby cup saves you from the stress of buying as its longevity and flexibility make everything easy.
  • Relatively easy to clean as it doesn’t have any stress, neither does it require any special cleaning. Get clean water to clean, rub with cotton, and you’re good to go.


Although many advantages come with a ruby cup, the issue is that the price is on a very high side, making it difficult for people to experience. The over hike in price is the issue people have with the ruby cup.

Ruby Cup Review | Fighting Period Poverty - My Eco Flow


As of today, there are no established side-effects for ruby cup as everything has been confirmed perfect.


Yes, Period Panties!

Peradventure, you want something comfier, something that doesn’t need emptying; you should try out the period panties. 

They absorb blood fast, unlike the cups where blood has to be emptied after removing the cup. 

However, the most distinguishing feature for period panties is that you can change at your will; It can hold up to 3tampons worth without leakage, and no insertion is necessary. 


Q: For how long does the cup last?

Ans: Up to 1 year.

Q: Can I wear the cup with IUD?

Ans: Yes.

Q: How often should the cup be emptied?

A: When it gets full

Q: Can I use the cup and give it to someone?

A: That is not good at all for hygienic measures and contacting diseases

Q: Does the cup smells?

A: No, it is built in such a way that it doesn’t absorb smell

Q: Can it cause any cramps or pain?

A: As long as you follow the instruction of wearing it properly, it does not cause any pain

Q: Does it cause reaction or infection?

A: The silicone surface automatically makes it harmless to the extent that it can’t cause any reaction or infection.

Q: Can I put it on during sex?

A: No! Please do not try this

Q: Can it withstand heavy flow?

A: Yes, it can contain heavy flow; all you need to do is empty the cup once you notice it is almost full.

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