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Orthopedic Luna Memory Foam Pillow

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LUNA MEMORY FOAM PILLOW:LUNA MEMORY FOAM PILLOW: Normal pillows force you to lie either too flat or at an odd angle, with your head and neck bent in an unnatural position.

This orthopedic pillow, with its doctor-designed Comfort Contours, helps to keeps your head and neck in perfect alignment with your spine when you lie on it – no matter if you’re on your back or on your side.

SUPERIOR QUALITY  MATERIAL: Let steam off with the comfort of a cooling memory foam pillow.

Our lunar memory foam pillow will also help to align your spine, support your neck & prevent pain, making you feel rejuvenated! the orthopedic pillow cover and pillow inner are made of environmental materials, which help your body health.


Gel Orthopedic PillowWhy Luna Memory Foam Pillow?

NO PILLOW-FLIPPING REQUIRED: This orthopedic pillow comes with smart heat-dissipating gel technology and easy breathable cover to help wick away your body heat and keep your head and neck dry and comfortable.

You don’t need to flip it over to the ‘cool side’ – you’re on it, all night long.

WAKE UP TO A PAIN-FREE MORNING: This HEAD pillow gets rid of them for good.

Orthopedic comfort contours softly cradle your head and neck, distributing weight and relieving pressure on sensitive areas of the body.

CUSTOM COMFORT: best Premium quality, high-density, pressure-sensitive memory foam hugs the curves and smoothly contours of your head and neck, and adjusts itself to your movements in any direction. You stay comfortable and FALL ASLEEP QUICKLY.

GOOD BREATHING: And because you’re sleeping in perfect alignment, you’ll breathe better – and snoring.

moma gel memory foam pillow

Benefits of Luna cooling pillow Foam

  • Orthopedic Cooling Gel pillow can help reduce neck pain and backaches when you wake up in the morning.
  • Made with open-cell viscosity memory foam that nicely forms to your head and neck while sleeping.
  • It comes with a hypoallergenic pillow cover to prevent and fight off allergens, making it perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Nice level comfort, Orthopedic Cooling gel pillow made to match your perfect level of comfort.





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