Pixie Menstrual Cup Review – is it better than pad?

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Sometimes I wondered if menstruation was a punishment by nature to women to make us go through pain during flow and not get the right thing to use during the cycle days. However, the story changed when I stumbled on Pixie Menstrual Cup, I saw different reviews, and I decided to try it out. Hi everyone, I’m Arianna Carter, and I hope you will read till the end my product review on pixie cup.

What does a pixie cup do?

Pixie cup is a menstrual product used to absorb blood during menstruation in a safer and more advanced way than the traditional menstrual pad. It is a better alternative, and it helps you save money for your monthly pad or tampons.


Lynna from Georgia, United States:

I never thought this cup would be effective when I bought it, but I decided to go on because I was always tired of changing tampons and pad. Besides, I wanted to grow past the stress of looking for a rest-room to change; and pixie cup has been a great help as I no longer have to worry.

Mitchell from London

Honestly, I would advise anyone reading this not to doubt the credibility of this product. It is not only effective, it gives you assurance that all is perfectly fine and that you won’t feel any discomfort even when the flow comes forth.

Sarah from Toronto

I decided to do a product review for pixie cup because of the cost it has saved me. I no longer have to buy tampons every month, I ensure that my cup is neat and I go about my schedule without menstrual worries. However, I will advise the maker of pixie cup to make different size because I spent extra before getting my size.

Pixie Cup Review | Buy One, Give One Helping Others in Need

How do you use a pixie Menstrual cup?

I’m sure you have questions concerning using a cup in a sensitive area during menstrual flow. The truth is that using a pixie cup is very easy if you follow instructions without omitting anyone.

  • Clean your hands and ensure there are no stains.
  • Remove the cup from the seal.
  • Squat or sit comfortably on a water closet.
  • Fold the cup and insert gently.

Is Pixie Cup FDA approved?

Pixie menstrual cup is FDA cleared. This is the reason many have tried it and submit positive products review. However, I can attest that the pixie cup is FDA cleared not approved, and I have tried it first-hand. It is safe to use because it meets all requirements for FDA approval.


How much does a pixie Menstrual cup hold?

Pixie cups cost $45 at wholesale price, and it is because of suppliers who buy a lot from the company and resell at their own price. Therefore, you may likely get it from your retailer for $50, while the shipping fee depends on your country’s customs.

Pixie Cup: Period + Menstrual Cup Review - Feel More Gooder

How to use a pixie cup

If you are skeptical about using a pixie cup, it is all about using it properly without omitting instructions. Once you follow the instructions, you will have no problem; however, here is first-hand information on how to use:

  • Clean your hands and ensure there is not stain
  • The next thing is squatting to insert it
  • Insert properly and ensure the edge of the cup is within reach
  • Be conscious of yourself to know if the cup has absorbed enough blood so you can remove it
  • Discharge the blood, rinse with a tampon and insert again

Pixie cup sterilizer

Pixie cup sterilizer

One way to keep your cup hygienic is to use a sterilizer for your pixie cup. With a sterilizer, your cup is safer, and you can rest assured you won’t have complications using it. The sterilizer is because of its effectiveness in keeping your cup clean like you bought a new one. Ensure always to sterilize when your flow is complete, and few days to start the new cycle, do it again.

Pixie cup sizes

Pixie cup has a universal size that makes it easy to use; however, we’ve seen some cases whereby buyers complained of oversize. However, it has been confirmed that the same dimension is used to produce every cup to make it uniform to avoid too much complaint.

Pixie cup Luxe

Pixie cup has been certified okay by its users due to its effectiveness in holding up menstrual flow, especially during the heavy flow. The cup is effective and efficient in ensuring that menstruation does not become an event that makes a lady stay indoors; you can still go about your activities without worries.


Is the pixie cup sold in Australia?

You can find pixie cups all over Australia as the company has registered distributors. Aside from that, you can find it in your local store as the product has gained popularity amidst customers who find it useful and economical.

Can Pixie Cup be used during heavy flow?

Pixie cup is the perfect pitch for heavy menstrual flow as it can take up to 35ml of blood. It is advisable to use it often on your heavy flow, not to change until the cup is getting filled. However, period panties can be worn during light days. It is ideal and can keep you clean for as long as you choose to wear it.

Final Product Review

Pixie cup has no side effect; neither does it cause any implications nor infection during and after use. You only need to ensure it cleanliness at all time.


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