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Hello everyone! My name is Johanna Dwayne from Atlanta, Georgia, and I want to share my incredible experience with Nixit menstrual cup. As you all know, that is normal to use the regular pad or cotton during menstruation until I stumbled on Nixit Menstrual Cup through a YouTube advert. It has been a fantastic experience, and kindly read till the end for more insight!

Nixit Menstrual Cup

Nixit menstrual cup is a cup designed to help women stay hygienic during the menstruation period. It is made of silicone and easily folded, which makes it convenient to use.

Review from previous customers

After stumbling on Nixit menstrual cup, I clicked on the link, and it directed me to a Google page where I read some mind-blowing reviews. Here are some of the reviews I saw:

Nixit menstrual cups by Designsake Studio – Studio A/C | Menstrual cup,  Menstrual, Branding photoshoot

“I’m delighted I decided to buy this product because it has practically saved me from unnecessary spending on a menstrual pad, and I do not have to worry about any bloodstain on my body. I gladly recommend it for any lady viewing this sight.”

“What makes this cup very good is that I fold it before inserting, and through the instruction which I follow strictly, I have experienced something positive from using this cup. I advise ladies to get it as it will save them the stress of buying menstrual pads.”

“Well, I advise that the producer of this cup do a size measurement because all sizes cannot be the same. I had to buy until the third one before I got my size. Aside from this, the cup is good and does a great job.”

My Experience with the Cup

Nixit Normalizes Menstrual Cups In Bold Fashion | Dieline - Design,  Branding & Packaging Inspiration

After I bought this cup, I ensured I followed the instruction, and honestly, this cup is perfect and convenient to use. The days of removing the pad, storing it in my bag until I get to where I can dispose are gone, and all I do is go to the restroom, empty the clean and insert it again.

Although sometimes I felt it was stressful to use, it is a good innovation, so I buy bought period panties to ensure that I had a good day as I used them interchangeably. During the heavy flow, I use Nixit Cup and Period Pant for light days.

Is Nixit Cup safe to use?

Firstly, if it isn’t safe to use, I will never write a positive review and even go to the extent of doing a video advising people against it. However, you have nothing to worry about as the cup is safe to use as long as you don’t complicate things yourself.

How to use Nixit menstrual Cup

How to use Nixit Cup is not difficult as the instructions are written on the package used for its branding. However, below are the steps to use it conveniently:

  • Wash your hand properly
  • Remove from the seal.
  • Squat or sit on the toilet for easy penetration.
  • Fold the cup and insert it correctly.

How To Use – nixit

NB: Please, do not insert the cup totally into your sensitive area; ensure the edge of the cup is within your hand reach so you can pull it out whenever you want to remove it.

How long can Nixit Cup withstand heavy flow?

Nixit cup can withstand heavy flow, but you must remove it once the cup gets filled to avoid a mishap, leading to staining.

How do I know the right position for Nixit Cup?

I also had a problem trying to know the right position when I bought it. However, you can thank me for figuring out the right position. It has to do with the cervix’s positioning, and it is fixed just like a tampon. However, there is no cause for alarm when inserting it; explore to the fullest as there is no reason to fear.

Nixit Normalizes Menstrual Cups In Bold Fashion | Dieline - Design, Branding & Packaging Inspiration

How many hours does Nixit Cup last?

Unlike a menstrual pad, where you have to remove at a maximum of four hours, Nixit Cup can last up to 12 hours. However, if you use it during heavy flow, the maximum is 10 hours, while light flow can go up to 12 hours.

I’d advise young ladies to explore using this cup to save them from menstrual stress by storing blood for more extended hours, which they can remove and apply again.


  • It doesn’t contain toxic.
  • It is made of silicone.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • It has storage to keep it from contamination.


Potentials buyers ask some question, and I’d like to give them answer here, they are:

Q: What if there is a smell after using the Nixit cup?

A: I’ve tried it, and I can assure you it doesn’t smell

Q: Can Nixit Cup easily tear apart?

A: It is made of silicone; it does not tear except you decide to tear it

Q: If I buy the wrong size, can I return it?

A: No, you cannot return because it is a sensitive area product

Q: What can I use to wash it?

A: Use clean water to wash and if you have cotton, use to rinse properly

Q: Can I sterilize it?

A: Yes! It helps to keep it more hygienic

An HONEST review of the Nixit Menstrual cup... Also, New youtube channel - YouTube

 A common problem encounter using Nixit Cup

Do not get me wrong here; the Nixit cup is perfect in that it doesn’t have any lapses. However, many feel it is too stressful, especially when you have to remove it and dispose of blood. I encountered the same, but I encourage you to get period panties that can absorb blood without giving you much work. All you need to do is wear it like you wear your regular pant, and everything looks good.

Final Advice

I know people find it hard to believe, mainly because it carries the name cup. However, there is nothing to be scared of as it is harmless. You have no reason to worry about infection or reaction. Its silicone nature has ensured that no harm can come from using it. However, I encourage you to try period panties as it is an excellent alternative to Nixit Cup.


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