Lux Skin IPL – I was Scammed and Disappointed

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Lux Skin Reviews IPL – Be careful before buying any of these products IPL laser hair removal, Microdermabrasion, and Rejuvenation wand. Buying inferior brands may result in skin burn.

I spent over $150 on this Skincare IPL. I expected it to work perfectly as they promised but, the handset brutally burnt me like a fried chicken.

This is what I found a few days ago. Unless you carefully read these reviews till the end, DO NOT BUY. (Must Read Lux skin review and comparison before buying)

Do you hate to shave? Try Homiley hair removal – Permanently Get Rid of Stubborn Hair

Is Lux Skin Legit - reviewsIs Lux Skin Legit?  

Based on our findings on Trustpilot and other Lux skin ipl review sites, Lux Skin co is a genuine company, unlike other skincare brands that pop out from nowhere to scam people with fake Chinese made iPL Handset.

However genuine we think the company is, we discovered some green snakes hiding under the green grass.

***I received my lux skin ipl after 5months of waiting, and finally, I got disappointed with the result. It’s disappointing, burnt my skin, and now my arm has a lot of black spots. I tried to contact them, but I didn’t get any response.

***I also tried to reach them on Facebook, they didn’t give me any response. I leave my comment on their website, and they removed it.  So, So disappointed and total waste of money. Lux Skin hair removal review By Tekkers. 

************You may scroll down to the comment section to read dozens of Lux skin reviews and learn from other people’s experiences before buying************

Though, many people find the product helpful while some are displeased with the result. Depending on your skin type, most ipl’s are designed to work for specific skin color, and some designs can work for all skin (a bit more expensive).

HOMILEY IPL goes for $129, still affordable for most people. You can check here to get $20 OFF if you’re first time user.

However, if the product doesn’t work for your skin, you may want to go for alternative brands. I will suggest you take a look at other Lux Skin alternatives below, they are a bit expensive but works well.

Lux Skin Care products Reviews

Three (3) skincare products are currently sold by Lux skin co; this is our opinion and recommendations.

Lux Skin Hair Removal Reviews & Alternative

 If lux skin hair removal hasn’t been working for you recently, I will advise you to try Homiley IPL Hair Removal or Deess IPL. These brands are proven to work for most skin types from White, blond, light to darkest skin tone.

This specific brand is proven to remove 95% of hair within 6-12 weeks of treatment. It ranks #1 in the industry.

The treatment is safe; you don’t have to worry about side effect or skin burn. It works on any part of your body (including your Face and Brazilian)

Lux Skin IPL Alternative – HOMILY Hair Removal

Lux skin led skin rejuvenation wand Reviews & Alternative

Just like other skin rejuvenation devices, Lux Skin led skin rejuvenation wand is great and can help you achieve beautiful looking skin.  It can be used to fight varieties of skin problems like Acne, Hyper-pigmentation, and Wrinkles.

It has other tremendous health benefits such as promote the formation of collagen, removes red spots, make skin look younger, Nourishes and whiten skin.

Do you recommend this device? Yes, 7/10

Lux skin led skin rejuvenation wand Alternative + 10% OFF

Get Lux skin led skin rejuvenation Alternative

Lux Skin Microdermabrasion Reviews & Alternative

Lux Skin Microdermabrasion is a powerful device that can give you vital and young-looking skin. It removes the dead cells from your skin and stimulates the production of new skin cells.

Maintaining beautiful and clean skin is important for women to boost our confidence while looking attractive. The lux skin microdermabrasion removes excessive oil and blackhead from your skin.

microdermabrasion-kit-pro Lux Skin Microdermabrasion Alternative

Also, the vacuum stimulation enhances blood circulation, helps soften pores, makes irregularities, and also softens the fine lines.

The device will ultimately leave you with a young, smooth, and brighter skin in a matter of weeks.

Do you recommend this device? Yes, 8/10

Try microdermabrasion facial care kits Alternative  Today + 10% OFF 

Why aren’t You getting Results with IPL hair removal?

Do you want to know the reason why lPL hair removal isn’t working for some people? because of the dead skin layer.

I advise you to do exfoliation before you are getting laser hair removal, as it helps to speed up the hair loss process and removes dead cells from the skin.

This little device will help you with the exfoliation process. I can’t say how much this thing has changed my life. I have always thought the problem is from my handsets.

Ever since I found this little secrete, my treatment has become less stressful and makes me feel happy looking at my skin.

I will not advise you to exfoliate manually, a complete waste of time. I use the Electrical Spin brush. It comes with a different brush for a separate body part. Try it; you will be happy you did.

If you don’t have any IPL hair removal, buy the “Skin Spa brush Pus Homiley Hair removal” The two combinations work fantastic.


There many IPl’s out there claiming to work for all skin types. Yes, we agree, but they come with a high priced tag. Such include Homiley IPL, Deesse IPL, Remington, Philip Lumae, these designs works great.

However, we do not utterly say Lux Skin co isn’t a good product. We have only vented our opinion based on use and reviews from other users.

You can help the community by sharing your view with us in the comment section below. Please don’t forget to share this blog review with your friends on social media.


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Do you hate to shave? Try Homiley hair removal

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  1. Hey thanks for this article!

    I’m slightly worried as I spent over £100 with lux skin and I’ve waited over 3 weeks and still have no products. They haven’t responded to email either. How long did you wait? I paid with card and scared I’ve been scammed or something ??

    Hence why I’m actually now doing my research on them and found this ?

    • Hi Vanessa,

      So sorry to hear what happened to you. It’s so unfortunate how many people got scammed because they trusted their guts to buy from a website.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if they tell you the shipment was delayed or lost because of the Corona pandemic!

      However, we found 80% of customers received their product purchased from “Lux Skin IPL”.

      The only major issue we had with this company is the bad “Quality of Laser hair remover”
      Let’s pray and hope you get your item soon. Kind Regards.

  2. Unhappy Lux IPL User April 14, 2020 at 6:06 am

    DO NOT BUY IT!! This company is a SCAM with terrible customer service! My item started turning off constantly on its own after a few months, and it gets very hot that it seems to want to explode! My skin went terribly bad and there were times I got burnt although I followed the recommended levels!

    Few months after, I tried to contacting the company multiple times on different ways however there was no respond. I contacted them again 2 months later which I FINALLY received a response! I was told I could not get a refund because my item was purchased more than 6 months ago so they could offer a replacement item. A day later I was old that they cannot offer a replacement for items purchased after 3 months and they can only offer me a 50% discount code on the next purchase?! I would NEVER purchase anything again from this company after my horrendous experience!

    I asked where I can leave a review and I noticed they have no Facebook reviews, they control the reviews on their website, and hides/deletes certain comments on their posts including one of my previous comment about my disappointment! After that, I was blocked everywhere! What a terrible customer service that they cannot even resolve issues!! It is quite unfair that people who are intrigued about their products do not see the legitimate reviews from unhappy customers! I will definitely find my way to ensure people knows what they are getting into with this dodgy company!

    • Hi Dear,

      Many people complained of the same problem, overheating and skin burn. Contacting the company(Lux Skin IPL) for a refund is certainly a waste of time,
      the only response you will get is geared to upsell you with a discount and not to solve your problem.

      Don’t bother leaving a review on their website. Negative reviews will be deleted or republished as nicely written 5-star reviews.

      • I was scammed by this company. They took my money and I never received my items. Also received an invalid tracking number. I’ve sent emails and messages through Facebook. They continue to lie. Something needs to be done about them. No phone or address. But I won’t rest until they are exposed! FRAUDS

  3. What do you think?

    I placed the order on the 26th OF JANUARY. Today is the 22nd of APRIL. I’ve been constantly trying to get in touch with these people but they keep sending me a tracking link, which was last updated on 28th Feb. VERY PATHETIC SERVICES. And you can forget about an executive getting back to you. No one cares. I fortunately did business with my AmEx credit card and got a refund. Lux Skin is a sad excuse for a company.

    + PROS: Nothing
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    • Thanks to AmEx’s credit card protection. At least you got your money back. That’s the reason we’re out to burst these dodgy websites destroying the credibility of other genuine brands.

  4. Just received mine and I am gutted it comes from China . I also don’t want to use it now after seeing these comments .
    I have good skin and don’t want to make a mess of it . Is it too dangerous to use ?

    • Hi Ruthie,

      I understand how you feel. However, I believe the little information and opinion from other reviewers here will help you make a smart decision.

      You may want to try it out, starting from the lowest level setting to see how it goes. Your experience will be helpful to other people as well.

      • Good thing I found this review because I am so tempted to buy their IPL and led rejuvenation wand and those people who leave comment on their facebook page says the product works effectively for them. They have the cheapest price in the market. Their admin confidently answers people questions that their product have the same manufacturer like the ones who have higher prices.

        • Hi. Mine arrived today, ordered a over a week ago. Arrived a day earlier than expected on the tracking link.

          Bit worried too… but I’m using it for the lowest level. It says to use it only three times a week in the evening, with plenty of serum or moisturiser. The points got a little warm and it . Wasn’t uncomfortable. I purchased it via an instagram advert comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and life time warranty…

        • Thanks, Aimee for your warm opinion

          Give it a try and tell us your experience, we will like to know if it works or not. Thank you

  5. UGH this company is the worst to deal with , they continuously send me a tracking number that hasnt even been shipped saying my product is still on the way when it hasnt even been scanned as picked up for 3 weeks now . They are unwilling to assist with anything at all just useless.

  6. Ordered from them months ago and I’ve never recieved the product nor have I got the refund. Also I left a comment on their post on ig and they deleted it in a minute. Don’t order from them.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion with us. Appreciated

      • Sorry you guys are all having problems with this company. I got my item and it took about 4 weeks. I used it for the first time tonight on level 2 and it didn’t even come close to burning me.

  7. What do you think?

    I was scammed by Lux Skin Co. They took my money and I never received my items. They gave me an invalid tracking number as well. There’s no contact number or address. I’ve sent emails and messages through Facebook. Nothing but a con and scam.

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
    • Hi Katrina,

      it’s so unfortunate; you can request a refund from your credit card explaining what happened. You may luckily get your fund back since no tracking number was given to you.

  8. I live in california US.
    I ordered hair removal machine.

    This company item is ship from china, so its took 2weeks to arrive.

    I requested for return and refund, after twice send out “request email” I received email saying that I have to pay for return item to china.


  9. This burnt my legs so bad! I used it twice, both times on level 3, the first time it stung a little and the second time it stung more. After a while I felt like my legs were on fire!! The next day I woke up to burns and bruises all over my legs! It’s so bad that I can’t wear shorts and it has been 3 weeks and the marks have not faded!! ???? I tried to upload a picture but they don’t allow to show how bad it really is! When I first posted about it, the company told me they would give me a refund but they have not lived up to it either! I don’t want a refund any more! I want to warn others!! So this won’t happen with anyone else! It’s awful!! If you want to see pictures just message me! My legs are so scared! This isn’t meant for colored skin!!! I am planning to file a case with FCC and CPA and my legs are proof enough! This is false advertising and there are no safety restrictions mentioned anywhere on the packaging! This is utterly ridiculous!! ???? They blocked me from their site after I posted my complaint and won’t respond to me. DO NOT BUY LUX SKIN CARE! They ruined my skin so bad!!

    • Hi Angie,

      Oh my gosh, this is heart-rending!

      It is unfortunate the so-called company pay less attention to what people are saying.

      My own experience was disappointing. I had bought multiple handsets in the past 2years, and most of them are entirely knockoff brand.

      Thanks for sharing

  10. I have ordered from lux skin 6 months ago and I still didn’t get the item. They said, my item was lost by the third party courier and asked me for another shipping address. According to them, I will receive the item for 5 to 10 business days… but…I still haven’t. I really regret that I have wasted my money for this.

  11. What do you think?

    I Just received my order from this company today and the products I received look like they have been used already. I received no response from them on Instagram and I can see that they delete any negative comments people leave, so I thought I would leave one here in hopes that it can be helpful to someone else. I took photos of everything, which I would add to this review but there is no place to attach photos. The boxes were smashed and damaged when I received the product, which I understand can happen. However, the microdermabrasion wand has scratches all over it and the top piece was partially separated from the handle. The plastic pieces are scratched, which would not have been caused by rough handling. I also ordered the micro-needle derma roller, which also has scratches all over it. There is also white stuff stuck in the needles. Very disappointed and I would caution anyone about buying from them.

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