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Hello everyone, I trust you are doing well, I’d like to share a better way of having a smooth ride during your menstrual cycle. My name is Doris Bridge, I want to share my review of how the lily menstrual cup have changed my menstruation for good.

What is Lily Menstrual Cup?

Lily menstrual cup is similar to flex cup, Diva period cups in the market. Its function is to store menstrual blood until you are ready to discharge the flow. It is made of silicone and is designed to blend with the body without causing any issues.


Lily Menstrual Cup Review

After so much spending on the menstrual pad, I thought to myself, “Doris, the world has advanced to a new level of invention. What if another product performs better than pad and cotton that I don’t know of?” With this thought rattling in my mind, I decided to go online and surf to see a new product that can relieve me of stress. I found a lily menstrual cup. However, I had doubts; here are some reviews I found online:

Honestly, the producer of this cup deserves credit for their innovation as this cup was efficient in managing menstrual flow. Aside from the flexibility of the cup, it doesn’t have a complicated process in fixing it.

Buying menstrual pad every month is something that gets me annoyed, and I have to constantly check myself to see if the pad is not too wet. There are some days I suffer mishap and stains, but I found the lily menstrual cup, and it’s all thing of the past.

The maker of this cup has done a great job as I now have my cycle in peace without having any fears. However, I had to spend countless times before I got my size, and that’s the only thing I’m angry about.

How to fix Lily Menstrual Cup

The silicone nature of this cup makes it easy to fix and remove when you follow due procedures. Below are steps used to insert it:

  • Wash your hands properly
  • Squat or sit on a water closet.
  • Fold and fix gently until it is comfortable.
  • Ensure that the lower part of the cup is within your hand reach.

Does Lily Menstrual Cup cause infection?

Lily’s menstrual cup is made of silicone which makes it impossible to cause infection or complications. Be rest assured that you won’t suffer any consequences using this cup.

How You Can Score a FREE Menstrual Cup for Menstrual Health Day | Allure

Lily Menstrual Cup Lower Cervix

Lily’s menstrual cup is designed to fit in well for people with lower or high cervix, making it easier to use, either slotting in or removing the cup. It is flexible and can be folded, be rest assured that you won’t have any strange feeling; this is a first-person assurance.


Q: What if the cup causes infection

A: The lily menstrual cup is made of silicone, and from all experience, we know silicone goes with anything sensitive. Therefore, the chances of infection or complications are zero

Q: I stay in Taiwan, is my location within their coverage?

A: You’d have to contact the company for clarification; nevertheless, you’d pay delivery charges, check your local rates.

Q: How do I take care of the cup?

A: You have to wash with clean water and wipe with neat cotton. However, you can also sterilize it to keep it fresher and safer.

Q: How many quantities of blood can lily menstrual cup contain?

A: The good news about this cup is that it can absorb up to 35ml of blood

Q: Can I use it for heavy flow?

A: It is designed for heavy flow. If you have had trouble keeping yourself clean during heavy flow, the lily menstrual cup is the solution.

Q: How long can I use it?

A: The last for ten years; you can use, wash, clean, and use again. 

Q: Is Lily Cup F.D.A. approved?

A: Dear reader, I value my health and wellbeing more than anything. If it is not F.D.A. approve, I would never do this nor advise anyone to use it.


Is Lily Menstrual Cup stressful to use?

To be honest fixing and removing the lily menstrual cup is no joke. It can be tasking, especially when the blood is almost full and you need to remove it. The alternative I use is period panties that are worn like regular pants; you can go about your duties without having any worries.

How long does delivery take?

It depends on your geographical zone and the country you’re buying from; there’s a smooth delivery to the United States and Europe. However, it can take days to order from Asia and Africa; your country is also a determinant in quick delivery.

Are Period Panties reliable?

Period panties are reliable, and the good thing is that they are worn like regular pants. I use a lily menstrual cup during the heavy flow, while period panties complement the light flow. It is safer. You do not have to insert anything nor go to the restroom to change. Period panties relax the mind that you can do your daily activities without worries.

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Features of Lily Menstrual Cup

  • It is flexible
  • It is made of silicone.
  • It is convenient to use
  • You can fold it easily.

A common problem with Lily Menstrual Cup

Do not misquote me here; lily menstrual cup has a mishap problem if you do not remove the cup on time. You must always be conversant with your body. Once you notice a bit of heaviness, quickly release and discharge. This is why I recommend period panties for you.

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