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It is a good and beautiful day to anyone reading this; I’m glad to share my experience with Lena’s menstrual cup. I had used other period cups like Ziggy cup, Diva cup, and the June cup in the past. I still have them in my closet; however, Lena is a new try for me.

I hope you grab something after reading my story. Once again, my name is Brenda McConnell. Let’s talk about the Lena menstrual cup reviews, a reusable period cup.

Lena Menstrual Cup – Reusable period cup

Lena menstrual cup is a flexible and reusable period cup used by ladies during menstruation and inserted into the lower cervix. It is easy to remove when the cup is almost filled, and you can discharge the blood, clean it, and continue to use it.

Lena Menstrual Cup Reviews

Lena Menstrual Cup Reviews

Coping with menstruation has not been easy, and it even comes with spending some amount of money when the menstrual cycle s about to start.

From tissue paper, cotton to the menstrual pad, I always had to prepare myself to ensure no mishap during the process. You’ll say menstruation is lady stress.

But I was not enjoying the whole thing because I had to change the pad, remove the cotton, and stuff them into my bag until I discussed it with my friend Rosaline who told me her secret.

In her words, “Brenda, I can’t believe you don’t know the world has gone past the stage of using a menstrual pad, and you can easily get a menstrual cup that can save you the stress of changing it now and then.” I heeded Rosaline’s words, and these are the things I discovered.

How I bought Lena Menstrual Cup

I purchased a Lena cup from Amazon for $39, including the delivery fee, which cost $6, leading to a total of $45, and it was delivered to my doorstep. Although, after purchase, I discovered I could get it at a local store in my city.

How to use Lena Menstrual Cup

I mentioned early that the cup is easy to use because it is a flexible cup, do not have this mindset of inserting a stiff cup under you that will cause inconvenience or injuries. 

Lena menstrual cup is a reusable period cup and can be inserted with different fold methods. Below are the steps to use Lena menstrual cup conveniently:

  • Wash your hands properly and ensure it is clean
  • Find a restroom where you can sit comfortably or squat properly.
  • Fold the cup and insert gently.
  • Ensure the beneath of the cup is within your hand reach so you can remove it without stress.

Can I walk conveniently with a Lena cup?

Can I walk conveniently with a Lena cup?

You must be asking yourself if you can walk properly with a Lena cup under you; the answer is yes. You can go about your daily activities without anyone knowing there is something in your sensitive area.

Can Lena Menstrual cup handle heavy flow?

Yes! Remember why we change the pad now and then if the flow becomes too heavy to avoid bloodstains that may cause embarrassment. The real deal to handle heavy flow is Lena menstrual cup, as it can take up to 35ml of blood before you decide to remove and discharge.

Can I use it the swimming, ride bikes as much as I want to?

It is a flexible cup used without any worries, I advise you read the instruction carefully, and once you follow it, you can use anywhere you want to. 

It won’t leak. Neither will you do not suffer any mishap, nor will it be evident you are using it.

What if Lena Menstrual Cup is stressful for me?

The reality is that if I do not relate with you on why removing to discharge and inserting again can be stressful. 

Then I’ve not used Lena’s menstrual cup. If you think it will be stressful for you, I recommend period panties to absorb and keep you clean. All you need to do is wear it, and blood is absorbed in it thick fabric used in making it.

I had had my eye on the Lena Cup for quite some time since switching to  menstrual cups three years ago. The reviews had been mostly positive,… | Lena  cup, Cup, Lena

How do I care for Lena Menstrual Cup?

One advantage it has over others is that you do not have to keep buying, buy one, and properly take care of it. If you decide to make it two, it’s not bad, but you can maintain the one you bought through proper hygiene of keeping it clean. 

After discharging, wash properly with clean water, rinse with cotton or a clean white handkerchief. You could buy a special cloth that you can use for the cup. 

However, after cleaning, you can put it into the oven for sterilization and heat to a significant extent. It is safer to use after sterilization, but please, do not insert it while it is still hot; remember it is a sensitive area product.

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Can I use Period Panties with Lena Menstrual Cup?

Definitely! I will even advise you to get period panties because you don’t have to go through the pain of squatting or sitting in a water closet before you can use them. While Lena’s menstrual cup is ideal for heavy flow days, wear period panties during the lighter flow.

What if I buy one that isn’t my size?

These kinds of situations can happen once in a while; however, you may dialogue with the female company representative, telling her your actual preference. Nevertheless, they do not have a return policy as the product is a sensitive area usage. You will have to get a new one.

Reviews of people who have used Lena Menstrual Cup are saying

People who have had experience said something, below are their reviews:

Thankfully, Lena menstrual cup has saved me from spending monthly on buying menstrual pad, I ensure proper hygiene, and I use over and over again.

At first, I had doubted buying this cup because I fear any form of injuries, but I am marveled so far with my experience with the cup.

Although it is okay, the stress of changing is my issue.

Does Lena Menstrual Cup cause infection?

The good news is that its silicone nature makes it free from any form of infection. It is very safe, and like I advised, kindly use period panties as they are faster and stress-free.

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