Kenzzi Reviews – Don’t Buy – 100% Full Scam

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Deal Score+4

Kenzzi reviews – How often do many people get screwed buying products because the reviews were sponsored or craftily written by the owner? 

I think Kenzzi IPL laser hair removal is not limited to this crafty and false reviews loaded on their website to get people into buying.

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About Kenzzi Laser hair Removal

Just like other iPL laser hair removal Shopify stores, Kenzzi sell’s a modern technology handset to remove unwanted hair and reduce blemishes from the skin.

The office is located at 

  • 100/201 Parnell Road, 
  • Auckland, New Zealand, 1050
  • Contact Email:

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kenzzi ipl laser reviews,

Kenzzi Reviews – Legit or Fake?

Note: This is vitally important for anyone who is planning to buy Kenzzi laser hair removal. Kenzzi or most IPL hair removal aren’t designed to work for all skin types or hair colors.

If you have dark hair or dark skin color, I wouldn’t’ recommend buying Kenzzi. However, I think it works for People with blond hair.  Read More – Kenzzi IPL Review | My $179 Hair removal Burned Me 


Kenzzi Reviews – Should I Buy? See Our opinion.

Not to be unbiased with our review, I will share our opinion about the site and recommendations. It is up to you to decide whether to buy or not. 

When we find new development and reviews about the product, we will update this page to help buyers like you make an informed decision.

Question:  What do you think about Kenzzi laser hair removal?

Answer: Kenzzi is no different from other laser hair removals like the Hey silky SkinHappy Skin Co, Rose Skin co, Glo Skin co, and HelloSilky.

Question:  Would you buy the IPL handset?

 ipl laser hair removal handset review

Answer: I will not buy Kenzzi’s hair removal except I see proof of what other customers are saying and not blinded by sponsored reviews. 

Question: How do you feel about laser hair removal?

Answer: I don’t feel anything unique. As I said earlier, I can’t figure out any differences from the brands I had mentioned above.

Question: Do you think Kenzzi is Safe? 

Answer:  We found many situations where the customer got burnt by Some Laser hair removal like happy Skin co, though it differs from skin type. Generally, a good IPL handset should be made suitable for both white and dark skin color.

The kenzzi website has a chat for darkest skin tones.  Please refer to the chart below to check if the IPL is suitable for you. 

dark skin color - Kenzzi before and After Image

Based on Kenzi’s recommendation, the laser hair removal is suitable for skin tones as dark as clay 2-3. If your skin 2-3, use up to Intensity level 3 and start by testing the Intensity level

Question: Any Kenzzi before and After Image

Answer: We haven’t seen any proof of the result. However, we will keep updating this content if we find any. Please, share your ideas about kenzzi hair removal, we will be glad to have your opinion shared with us. 

Why aren’t You getting Results with IPL hair removal?

One of the reasons why some people aren’t getting results with their hair removal is the dead skin layer. Really! Yes.

I recommend you do exfoliation before you are getting laser hair removal, as it helps to speed up hair loss process and removes dead hairs from the skin.

This little Skin brush device will do the work for you and change your whole treatment process.  

I have thrown tons of money on the different handset until I found this little secrete. 

You can exfoliate manually, but that’s a complete waste of time. I use the Electrical perfect skin brush, and it works well. It comes with a different brush-stone for a separate body part. Try it; you will be happy you did.

If you are currently using any IPL handset that’s fine, else use the “Perfect skin brush alonside with Homiley Hair removal”) The two combinations works fantastic.

In Conclusion – Kenzzi IPL or ?

If you have kenzzi, no issues. Step up your treatment with an Electrical perfect skin brush for a better result, it cost only $29. if you don’t have IPL or looking for alternative handsets, buy Homiley Hair removal and use both for maximum results.

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  1. What's your opinion?

    Love My Kenzzi – seems like they are promoting something else in this review lol

    + PROS: - The customer service team was nice - Saw great results
    - CONS: None
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  2. What's your opinion?

    Customer service is painful, at best. First device stopped working after one use. Customer service process is the following, verbatim, after sending a video to prove the device was defective after one use:

    “Our process for a replacement request is that we would like to request for you to send your current Kenzzi handset back to our Head Office in New Zealand.

    1. We will then test your device and determine what the cause of the issue is.

    2. If we determine that there is a fault, we will be sending you a replacement unit from one of our Global Warehouses. Please be aware that in some circumstances we may ask you to cover the cost of shipping out a new unit. We do this instead of a repair because our product is a hygiene product and to ensure we maintain good hygiene practices we will send you a brand new unused unit.

    3. If we test the device and determine that there is no fault, there are some options we would like to provide you:

    a). We will get in contact with you again via email and work together to determine what is causing the issue.

    b). One of our team members will also ask you whether or not you would like your original unit back, we unfortunately are unable to pay for return shipping costs – these costs will be borne by you if you decide to proceed with the Replacement Request.

    Please be aware that the shipping cost will be from New Zealand to your original order address unless you request for a change and that we acknowledge the amendment.”

    To emphasize – they make you pay to send the defective device back after they agree there is an issue, which ends up being 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost of the original device. They will not replace a defective device if you do not absorb the shipping costs. We did end up getting another device a few weeks later and the device has not stopped working after 3 uses, so time will tell if it does the hair removal as described.

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  3. Your review is as unless as their fake reviews on the website. You have an opinion without actually tried the product…

  4. What's your opinion?

    I agree fully with the review above. I just received my kenzzi and on the first try it completely stopped working. After waiting for almost a month to receive it to have a device that doesn’t work is extremely disappointing. Stay away from this company and don’t waste your money! Now I have to figure out how to get my money back. Augh!!

    + PROS: Nothing!!!
    - CONS: Everything since the device completely stopped working.
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  5. What's your opinion?

    Dont buy if you live in the UK. I had to pay £44 to DHL in tax and duty. Kenzzi said it says on their website that the cannot be held responsible for this.

    + PROS: Haven't tried it as currently still with DHL!!!
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  6. Do NOT buy this product! I am not one to leave reviews usually but I have literally gotten 3 devices from this company that just do not work. Won’t even turn on. How do you have product that just doesn’t work??? It’s as simple as that. No device has turned on. I have sent them videos of the products plugged in and not working.At that point they sent me another one – and then another one… told me to reach back out in a few days for tracking info. They weren’t even able to give me that. Each time it took over a month to get my new device. THIS HAS BEEN A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME & MONEY!!!!

  7. What's your opinion?

    I’m kind of shocked by all of the negative reviews and comments the Kenzzi has gotten. I’ve had amazing results and I use my Kenzzi a few times a week. I saw less hair growth and lighter colored hair after the second time using it. I think it’s an excellent alternative to going to a spa and having laser hair removal done, it’s WAY more affordable. I don’t have to shave as much because it’s taking my hair way longer to grow back. I haven’t had to deal with customer service and my Kenzzi hasn’t had any issues so I can’t speak to the poor customer service people seem to have issues with. I think the product actually works and that’s what’s most important.

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    • We noticed the IPL hair removal in questions works for some skin color. So, most buyers will definitely have a negative impact on using it. However, thanks for voicing out your opinion.

  8. Kristina LaDuke June 18, 2020 at 3:33 pm

    When I bought my kenzzi,I was so stoked to be hair free! When I went to start my second treatment my handset wouldn’t turn on. I was instructed to email a video and send my handset back to New Zealand where they would determine if it was a faulty device. After paying $220 for the laser, I then had to pay another $62 to ship it back. It took about a month to receive a new handset. I’m now on my 10th treatment ( I use my laser once a week) so far I’ve noticed slower hair growth and much smoother legs after shaving. You know how when you shave with thick hair and you can still see the follicle? The one thing this device has actually done without question is rid my legs of those left over follicle dots. It takes 12 treatments for alleged permanent results. Fingers crossed!

  9. Save your TIME and MONEY! This product does not work and the company is a pain to deal with. They did extend the trail period and I sent photo after photo, week after week… for months and I followed the requirements in the policy. I finally was approved to send it back for a refund and I had to pay for the return. They are located in New Zealand. More money out of pocket. Completely ridicules!

  10. I think it should be emphasized that results may vary, and if you have thick hair to not expect this to eliminate your problem areas. I specifically bought this product to reduce hair particularly in my under arms, Brazilian, and inner thighs, but I also used it on my legs and other areas. The most reduced area was my shins, and everywhere else was eh. No reduction of hair in my problem areas, and I used it as directed every week for twelve weeks. It’s exhausting and time consuming to keep up with it when it’s only half working. Save your money for professional treatments.

  11. Buyer beware!!!! Read all reviews before buying a Kennzi. I needed to return my unused product and I was told there will be a 75.00 restocking fee and on top of it I need to send it back to New Zealand. Is this crazy or what? In other words, it would cost me almost the cost of the unit to get my “money back”…….a horrible NO money back guarantee. This company is a scam. I will dispute this with my credit card company to see if they can do anything.

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