Is Buddha Necklace Good Luck?

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When talking about wearing a Buddha necklace, one of the most common questions people often ask me is whether the necklace can bring good luck or not.

Well, a wood Buddha necklace and other forms of Buddha necklaces are generally believed to symbolize different things. One of the things they symbolize is good luck.

Personally, I have worn this necklace at different times for this purpose.

Besides, I know several people that are wearing these necklaces today to attract different kinds of good luck in their works, family, educations, and other endeavors.

So, if you are looking for good luck, you should try to adorn yourself with a Buddha necklace and see how things will work out for you.

Goodluck vintage Buddha necklace

Goodluck vintage Buddha necklace

While a modern or vintage Buddha necklace can be worn for good luck, this is not its only purpose.

Therefore, apart from good luck, you can also wear a Buddha necklace to attract some other positive things into your life.

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3 Benefits of Buddha goodluck necklaces

Some of the other benefits of a Buddha necklace to its wearer include:

  • Longevity

Without a doubt, most of us want to live a purposeful life for a long period.

However, many things are trying to cut our lives short.

Fortunately, I have been taking advantage of Buddha necklaces to attract some sort of longevity into my life.

According to the things I have read on the internet, this Buddhist mala necklace works by protecting us against dangers that could cut our lives short.

Of course, once we are protected against bad energies, evils, and other dangers, we are likely going to live for an extended period.

  • Peace

Another benefit of wearing a Buddhist prayer necklace is to boost the peace you experience in your life.

Based on the happenings around the world today, I think most individuals are experiencing some kinds of turbulence in their day-to-day life.

Peace is an essential element that is missing in many people’s lives. Luckily, we can capitalize on the Buddha necklace that is believed to provide peace.

  • Buddha-like characters

Before I started using a Tibetan Buddhist necklace and other related Buddha jewelry pieces, I wondered how a piece of jewelry could provide so many benefits.

Now, I think the reason is that it promotes Buddha-like characters.

Generally, when you wear a Buddha image on your neck, you are quickly reminded of how you can be more Buddha-like in your actions.

Notably, Buddha was a non-violent, peace-loving, and kind man.

Therefore, wearing a wood Buddha necklace can encourage you to adopt many of the good traits of Buddha.

In addition, you will be reminded of the need to have regulation meditation.

It has been proven that meditation can boost your happiness and peace of mind.

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Different forms of Buddha pendants

When I wanted to choose my real jade Buddha necklace, I faced the challenge of deciding on a kind of pendant.

You will probably deal with the same issue when selecting a Buddhist mala necklace. Some pendants only have hands or heads of Buddha.

However, it is recommended that you go for a pendant with the whole body of Buddha as they are more representative of Buddha’s devotions.

To help you, here are some of the most common Buddha poses that you can find on a pendant:

  • Protection Buddha – this Buddha sits and raises one hand. Apart from protection, it can also depict blessing.
  • Praying Buddha – this Buddha sits and folds hands to suggest prayer, faith, and devotion.

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  • Laughing Buddha – this pose can come in different forms. However, they all depict Buddha to be laughing.

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  • Meditating Buddha – this Buddha folds legs and hands in a pose that suggests meditation.

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  • Reclining Buddha – it also means nirvana Buddha.

Reclining Buddha Statue – Stockphoto

  • Calling the earth to witness Buddha – this is for promoting enlightenment.

Regardless of the pose on the Buddha necklace you choose, you can be certain that there are some benefits you can gain from wearing it.

in conclusion, not just necklaces, Buddha power rings, Buddha bracelets, Buddha earrings all have positive meanings that can improve your life in different areas.

Therefore, as you are getting a real jade Buddha necklace, you should not hesitate to try out these other products too.

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What does a Buddha necklace mean?

Buddha necklace is believed to symbolize good luck and peace. Therefore, whenever you see someone wearing the necklace, you can rest assured that the person is using it to prevent negative energies and invite positive ones.

Is it disrespectful to wear a Buddha necklace?

No, it is not disrespectful to any individual or group when you wear a Buddha necklace. However, you must avoid putting it in a dirty or untidy place or sleeping with it as some people believe that such actions are disrespectful.

Did Buddha wear jewelry?

There is no evidence that Buddha wore jewelry. In fact, in most of the art depicting him, he doesn’t have any jewelry on. Because of this, many Buddhist sects don’t believe in wearing any Buddha mala necklace, bracelet, or other pieces of jewelry.

What does a jade Buddha mean?

A real jade Buddha is a special item that can help to create serenity, balance, and harmony. Several people have used it for several years for promoting positive energies that can attract good health, wealth, and lots more.

Is it bad luck to buy jade for yourself?

No, it is not bad luck if you buy a piece of jade for yourself. It is only considered to be a bit of bad luck if the piece of jade is stolen or forcefully taken from another person. Nonetheless, if you have been gifted the jade, you will get more good luck than purchasing it yourself.

Can I wear a Buddha necklace?

Of course, you can wear a Buddha necklace if you want to do so. In fact, people that are not followers of Buddhist teachings can also wear it.

However, you avoid being disrespectful when you are wearing the necklace. This means that you shouldn’t wear it when sleeping, swimming, or having sex. Also, don’t put it in a dirty place.

Which Buddha statue is good luck?

The Buddha statue for good luck is known as the laughing Buddha. This Buddha can also depict abundance, contentment, and happiness.

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