How to Keep Your Home Cooler During Summers?

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How can i keep my home cool during the summer? Beating the summer sun gets challenging when the season is at its peak. Skipping the warm winds is possible by closing the windows of your home. But it gets more annoying because your place gets suffocating without any ventilation.


When it is hotter on the outside, it is obvious to feel the effects within your home. Besides being sticky, sweaty, and frustrated, everything gets uncomforting and unpleasant. 


People often turn on the air conditioner and fight back these problems. Nevertheless, you cannot plant yourself in front of a huge fan always.

How to Keep Your Home Cool During Summers

12 Incredible Ways to keep your home cool

There are numerous methods through which you can skip the scary bills and keep the home cooler. Read further to find out more.


1. Open Windows to keep your house cool

If you belong to a place where it gets colder at night, wait until the sun goes down. Pop the windows quickly and let the cold air replace warm particles. Without turning on the AC, you will promptly get the environment cooler.


2. Keep Blinds Closed During Daytime

Experts notice that up to 30% of heat in your house enters through windows. Due to the greenhouse effect, sunlight gets into your comfort zone without leaving. 


The simplest solution to this problem is keeping the blinds closed. If you are feeling darker within, replace your curtains. Light shade fabrics will quickly reflect sunlight rather than absorbing it.


3. Turn towards Your Green Garden

One of the best ways to keep your house cool is to embrace green garden. Growing trees in the garden can be an incredible way to create a difference in your home. It is not a quick approach, but surely trees can grow tall to shade your house. 


It will also add colors to your home, purify the air, and create a soothing essence in the environment. You can use the Greenhouses Direct discount codes for placing patio items in your garden.


4. Perform Laundry Chores at Night

Doing the laundry loads during the daytime in summers can heat up your house. 


Indeed, laundry machines throw away much heat, and the washer runs hot water. 


Also, driers operate through heated air and radiate it out in the surrounding. Therefore, you can try to do laundry chores at night when outside is colder. 


Adopt a habit of cleaning the dryer vent for a quicker cycle. In case you are washing clothes in the daytime. Do not dry them and hang wet ones for cooling the air.


5. Unplug Appliances When Not In Use

In today’s era, every house owns multiple electronic appliances. You can try to use more of these for less time. 


Try to iron clothes during the night as it radiates heat too. Similarly, unplug the large TV screen when not using it. Less production of heat can cool down your interiors. 


6. Turn Off Lights during Daytime

Another simple hack to keep your home cool is to turn off the lights. Light bulbs produce a high amount of heat. You cannot turn all of these bulbs, no matter incandescent or not. 


However, it is the potential to switch off the ones in the other areas of the house. Try to turn off the lights if you are not using it. 


For houses with lighter drapes, welcome natural light and turn on switches during sunset.


7. Change Your Wall Paints and Roof

Sometimes, heat is a significant problem in the house. You cannot rebuild the house but, re-painting the walls is an option. 


Switch to lighter colors during summers and reflect more heat from your home. Similarly, you can find a new roof for your place of living. 


A lot of roofs come with extra heat maintenance. Pick these for your space and stay cool during the season.


8. Open the Doors inside Your House

In winters, experts recommend keeping the doors closed inside your house. It traps the heat within every room. 


Henceforth, doing so in hot summers can be annoying and sweating. Let the airflow through different rooms with open doors. Ventilation and airflow also lead to a cooler place of living. Do this simple hack to keep your home cool all time.


9. Switch On All the Exhaust Fans

To keep your house cool, switch on the exhaust fans. Exhaust fans are simple appliances that run at a low cost. Therefore, turning it on for a more extended period will not be too hard on the bill. You can make the most of exhaust fans to draw out excess heat from the environment. 


When you shower during summers, try to keep it turned for more minutes to let the hot air out completely. 


Similarly, leave the exhaust fan on for more minutes after you have completed cooking.


10. Cook at A Specific Time of the Day

To keep your house cool avoid cooking at specific time of the day. Cooking in summers is a big challenge. Not that you do not want to do it, but the heat in the kitchen gets too hard. 


Try to prepare meals in the evening or perform hit the kitchen early morning. 


Try to turn the stove off during the hottest part of the day. Cooking in these hours will heat your house and make things uncomfortable.


11. Hack a Cooling System with Ice

Turning on the air conditioner is the simplest way to cool your house. However, you cannot be hard on your electricity bills throughout the season. 


Therefore, hacking a fan using ice. Take ice in a bowl and place it in front of the fan. It will instantly give a nice and chilled breeze. You can apply this method to a smaller part of the house. 


You can also place cold water with ice in buckets in different rooms of the house to see the difference.


12.  Prefer Taking Colder Showers

It is not always necessary to focus on the environment. In older times, people survived the scorching sun without any AC. 


You can also do so and change the temperature of your body by taking colder showers. It will make you feel less sweaty and cold.


Final Thought on how to Keep home cool 

These are some incredible ways through which you can keep home cool during summers. It is not tricky to transform your place into a comfort zone. Also, you can share these ways with others and help them. All you need is to act smart about everything and beat the heat of summers.

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