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My name is Mattha, 29 years of age. I bought Homiley IPL hair removal because of my thick hair. I have lots of hair, and they grow so fast. For many years I shave with a razor and do waxing.

The most annoying part is how often I do shave, most times 4 – 5 times a week, to keep myself clean. I have tried professional hair removal in the past; it worked but is too expensive.

I Live in New York City. One laser treatment session goes upwards of $500 – $5,000 for small to full body treatment.

I do the most important part at a professional spa center, and I complete the other part of my body waxing and shaving at home.

Honestly, this is just annoying and stressful to me. At some point, I couldn’t keep up with the expenses, so I stopped.


How I discovered Homiley IPl hair removal

A few months ago, I came across this IPl device online. Though, I ignored it initially until I found the same product in my friend’s dorm room.

She told me her experience with the product, so true to believe it. I decided to give it a try.

I purchased the Homiley Beauty Rose, costing about $129 though they have other expensive models with more advanced features. I just wanted to try out the device.


What changes did I notice with Homiley Beauty Rose IPL?

This entire treatment process took a long time for me, but I did achieve a good result with it. One thing you must keep in mind is the result varies from person to person. You will see different results based on your skin or hair color.


Note: You must clean your skin properly before initiating treatment.


The first week 1 (2 sessions)

homiley beauty rose ipl review

I started the treatment the next day I received my item. For precaution purposes, I started with my legs and arm on the first week.

Treatment days: I did my treatment twice every week. It took me about 30mins for each session.

Results: I didn’t see any result; I was still shaving as usual.

Side effects: I didn’t see any side effects using the IPl. While using it, you will feel mild sting pain not as painful as professional hair removal.

I’m 100% cool with it, and nothing strange or burns after treatment. I was impressed by the whole process while anticipating future results.


Second /Third week (3 sessions)


In this week, I decided to step the number of times I do the treatment. I did 3 sessions. At this time, I included my bikini line and thigh. I loved the product because I just discovered the Auto mode setting, which made the treatment faster.

It took me about 20 mins as compared to the manual mode I used in the first week. This is a big plus for me because it saved me lots of time and energy.

Results: I have completed total 5 sessions counting from the first week, yet; nothing really changed at this point.

There were no burns, scars, or redness. My body was looking good. The treatment was breezy with optimistic hope something will change.


Fourth/Fifth week: (6 sessions) 

homiley result before and after

At the end of the fifth week, I have completed a total of 11 sessions counting from the first week.

This is where I started noticing some slight results. I noticed my hair started growing thinners and slower. I discovered I do not shave regularly. I now shave on 3 times a week.

This was a huge plus for me to continue. At this time, I didn’t even mind if it will take me another month to see some slight changes.


6th/8th Week: (5 sessions)


I slowed down my treatment to twice per week. At this time, I have completed a total of 16th sessions. My results went nut. In the mid of the 6th week, my hair stopped growing.

I thought it was a result of shaving I have to do before treatment; that was why I slowed down the treatment ½ session week to measure the results.

Result: I’m very happy with the results. I now do the treatment once every 2 weeks to maintain the result. I don’t use a razor; instead, I got a simple lady shaver.


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Important Note (Auto/Manual Mode)

I do recommend using manual mode for sensitive areas as it enables you to control the light and direct it to a specific area of treatment.

Auto mode is good for large body areas such as leg, arm, belly, and thigh. Just set it, and it does the flashing for you.


Other Review/Experience with Homiley hair removal


Shipping Experience: The item arrived within 9-day of placing the order, depending on your location and shipment choice.

Quality of the item: I never had issues with the product. The first day was a bit challenging using it. The reason is that I didn’t go through the manual before using it.


Conclusion/review on Homiley IPL

I bought this device because of my coarse and thick hair. I’m medium and dark skin with black hair, and it works.

After using other shaving methods like waxing, razor, and cream, I prefer IPL hair removal.

If you are looking for a long-lasting hair removal result, this is a good device to use. There are other IPl devices; I think they will work.

The entire treatment will likely take a very long time, depending on your skin. However, it worth it if you give it a try.

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