Hena IPL hair removal device review

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This is my review of the experience I had using Hena IPL permanent hair removal.

I ordered this product and also paid extra money for USA Insured Shipping with tracking detail of (5-10 Days) of arrival.

It was supposed to be delivered on the 30th of the month; disappointedly, I didn’t receive the IPL device according to the tracking number detail.

Hena IPl review: 2 months past I didn’t receive my item

After 2months of constant emailing the Hena company, they finally respond, claiming that the package has been delivered to my address post office. Still, when I check my tracking detail, my item status was not showing.

Then I decided to check the post office, but nothing was there. I reported back to the company by sending them proof with times and dates on the printout at the post office.

Then the Post Master assured me they would write a letter to the hena company, stating that the package was not delivered.

After the third month of continuous emailing, I got fed up and just wanted a refund.

There was no more feedback from them till they sent me back my money.

The Hena IPL device customer service is very poor and won’t advise anyone to patronize them.

Do you hate to shave? Try Homiley hair removal – Permanently Get Rid of Stubborn Hair

Hena IPL device review before and after

Most reviews I have read from people who have used the Hena IPL permanent hair removal device weren’t encouraging.

However, I have been using it for 2months without seeing any result, and every time I am treating my legs, the device keeps shutting off after 30minutes of usage.

This can be very frustrating. I often charge it fully each time I want to use it. The device is just not working.


This new hair removal changed my life.

A few months later, a friend of mine introduced me to Homiley beauty rose IPL.

After being disappointed by Hena IPL company, I became skeptical, but I took a chance and decided to try the product since it worked for her.

Homiley IPL Beauty Rose

After eight weeks of using the Homiley IPL product, I noticed my armpits hair has drastically fallen off.

I usually schedule my treatment every three times a week, and I would use aloe vera moisturizer to soothe the treated area of my skin after each treatment session.

The device is amazing! My husband also uses it, and it works for him. from my experience so far, It works for males and females.

It is also very affordable and easy to use. I can now save more money than going for expensive laser treatment, which ate up my budget.

The device doesn’t cause discomfort, ingrown hair, or hyperpigmentation, and it is actually very gentle on the skin.

I love how the use of the device has made my legs look very smooth and silky.

It is only just a few tiny hairs left on my underarms and are barely visible. I’ll continue to clean up those areas. This is my best skincare investment ever.

Is Hena Permanent IPL hair removal safe?

Based on the people who used the device, the Hena IPL hair removal handset is safe but unsuitable for most skin types. You can try a more suitable IPL device such as the Homiley IPL hair removal handset. This hair removal system is highly suitable for most skin types.

Does Hena IPl hair removal really work?

I don’t have anything to share about how it works because I never received my item.

However, I read some people who used it saw improvement within three months of treatments, but it does not work for most skin colors. The device does not work for thick or coarse hair.

The Homiley IPL hair removal handset works incredibly on coarse or thick hairs. I think this is one of the best IPL devices you can invest in and have no regret.

Final words on Hena IPL hair removal review

In the above article, you have been enlightened and guided on purchasing the right IPL product to remove unwanted hair effectively.

The Hena IPL is good but can’t be the right choice for someone who desired to achieve the best result.

You are recommended to try the Homiley IPL device, and it will remove unwanted hair effectively and rejuvenates your skin.

Do you hate to shave? Try Homiley hair removal – Permanently Get Rid of Stubborn Hair

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