Flex disc Reviews – Does it work for ladies?

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Flex mensural disc is something every lady wants to use because you can have sex using this disc during your period. However, that is not the case. In this review, I will share my opinion about this disc and alternative products to use.

Flex disc fit reviews

When I saw the Flex menstrual disc advertisement, I was looking forward to trying it, but things didn’t work as advertised.

The advertisement says it can be worn for 12hours as well as have sex with it. It sounds lovely. 

I bought a couple of them; I tried on day one before the days past I have used over five discs which cannot be re-used.

Moreover, it doesn’t catch blood like a menstrual cup or period panties. The leakage is beyond control. I can’t imagine what it would look like in public. 

Also, I don’t recommend sleeping with the disc; use it consciously while awake.  Menstrual panties are suitable for this purpose. User the period pants while sleeping.

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Does Flex mensural disc work?

The flex disc doesn’t work as much as the flex cup. It can’t hold up to 3 tampons as advertised, and the leakage is so messy from my experience. You may feel comfortable wearing it, but it doesn’t hold much blood. 

How to know if my flex disc is inserted correctly?

If you inserted the disc correctly, you wouldn’t feel your menstrual disc. When you feel nothing is inside, you are sure it’s properly placed. Watch this video o learn how to insert your flex disc correctly

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How long does Flex disc last?

The first time I used the menstrual flex disc, 1 piece lasted for 2hours. It will only work if the disc is fully open inside your body. So, I will not advise using it during the first and second days (heavier days); it will certainly leak out.

Can you poop with flex disc in?

Certainly, it’s not advisable to poop with a flex disc. When you squat to poop in your PC, the menstrual disc will move out of position, and the blood will start leaking out.

Image result for flex discFlex disc cost

I bought over 12 pieces the first time it came out. The price was a little high compare to what it sells now. 

Each Flex disc now sells for $15. It is available in some online stores and retail markets.


Where to buy flex disc, available in store?

You can buy the flex disc in most retail and online stores like (Amazon, Walmart) and other store locations.    

Is flex disc safe?

The good thing about the disk is that it’s very convenient and safe to put in there. I feel extremely comfortable, and I didn’t feel something is inside of me. 

They are harder to use than the tampons but seem safer. I wish I could leave it for more than an hour.

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Can a guy feel Flex disc Fit?

I do not advise you to have sex with the disc. The reason is that it leaks even when it is misplaced inside. Mine has been leaking, so I can’t imagine trying to have sex with this inside of me.

Is flex disc Reusable – how many times can I use it?

Image result for flex discThe downside of this disc is that you can re-use them. It can only be used once, just like your pad.

 If you wanted reusable menstrual supplies, get periodic underwear

You can re-use your pants as many times as possible.

The reason why flex discs are not reusable is because of the nature of the material used. 

This type of disposable mensural product is not recommended to be used for more than 12hrs. 

Can flex disc go longer than 12hours

Flex disc fit can’t go longer than 1 – 2 hours if you have a heavy flow. However, it can handle light flow yet, if there is a little displacement or shift, it will leak.

Some people wear it for up to 12hours, depending on their flow. The biggest complaint is that they are really messy to take out and harder to insert it correctly.


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