Flex menstrual cup Reviews – 100% leak Proof – Does it work?

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Flex menstrual cup review – I have used other menstrual cup and usually replace every year. I found flex cup on Instagram ads, and it was enticing as the way it works.  However, it is the worst cup I have ever used.

I tried to give this menstrual cup a chance; after 3-4 cycles of using it, I found myself desperate to buy tampons. If you have a heavy flow, I would recommend using it with period underwear.

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Honest review – Does flex cup really work?

I had very high hope and thought things would turn out fine; unfortunately, I will be going for period panties and keep the flex as an emergency spare.

Really, i don’t know how to review this flex cup product. I had the worst experience with the flex cup. When I tried to get rid of it at work, the “plunger” that’s supposed to squeeze the cup out but it did a lousy job.

All the blood came out, spilling over my hands, on the floor, and some splashed on my shirt. I had to walk to the sink with my period all over my hands and my shirt ruined.

I have had a similar experience severally during my cycles. Unfortunately, I can’t return it. I have never felt this embarrassed and disgraced with my period since I got my first period in high school—so disgusting thinking about it.

does it work - Flex menstrual cup Review – Does it leak?

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Flex menstrual cup Review – Does it leak?

I purchased the Flex menstrual cup as a replacement for my Salt cup after I had a few issues with the cup:

The Flex cup is designed to be easily removed, but it is made of heftier silicone, making it harder to fold up and get in place.

This cup would be fine if it did not leak, and the leaking is a design flaw. However, the flex cup is designed to make it so easy to remove but causes little leakage.

This is because there is a hole in the very bottom of the cup where the finger hoop is attached up to the top rim.

The cup is a bit difficult to get in place. I wish the cup did not leak, i would have preferred it over tampons. However, to the flex cup work better if combined with Period leak undies.

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  • The cup is made without BPA or natural rubber latex.
  • It’s also reusable.
  • Stain-proof
  • It is made from 100% medical-grade silicone. 
  • Naturally non-toxic 
  • odor-free, and comes with an adjustable pull tab.

Let’s talk about that Flex cup pull tab.

It’s located at the bottom of the cup, and honestly, it’s a pretty big game-changer.

It’s soft, flexible, and it makes for super easy removal by breaking the seal for you.

And because it pulls out like a tampon, chances are you already know how to use it.

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Types of Flex menstrual cup

The cups come in two sizes;

  • Slim fit for light to medium flows and then 
  • full fit for heavier flows.

Both sides are fit most bodies, but if you’re unsure, start with a slim fit.

Steps how to use the flex menstrual cup

Let’s talk about the Flex Cup and how to use it. So now that you’ve got your cup let’s break it down into five simple steps.

  • Step 1: fold 
  • Step 2: body position.
  • Step 3: Insertion, 
  • Step 4: removal, and 
  • step 5: Clean 

Just a few different folds that you can choose when inserting the cup

There is the sea fold, punched unfold, and the sevenfold. 

Some days, One fold may be easier than another, so don’t despair. One isn’t working out; try a different one and keep at it.

Watch the video below to follow the steps how to use it.


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How do i know if my flex cup is in the right location?

It’s easy to know if the cup is in the right position if you feel there is nothing inside of you. if rightly inserted, you will feel normal as you notice anything in there.

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