Dutchess Menstrual Cup Review

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Hello everyone, my name is Brienne Defoe, and I’m sharing my experience with you from Norway. Are you the type that thinks staying indoor will save you from a menstruation mishap? Well, I got good news for you today, and the title is Dutchess Menstrual Cup made to absorb blood for a more extended period. Well, you will have to read to the end to find out more.


How did you find out about Dutchess Menstrual Cup?

I found out about Dutchess Menstrual Cup through a Google Ad campaign one night when I was surfing the internet to check if something new is happening in the world at large. The ad title was catchy, so I decided to check it out, and there I found out the complete info about Dutchess Menstrual Cup. It has been a great experience using this cup.

Did you find Product Reviews on Dutchess Cup?

I would never try it out if there were no confirmation about its efficiency and effectiveness; no one wants to put her health at risk by using a product in their sensitive area. So I found out some clients product review:


“I have tried this product, and it did a great job in taking in lots of menstrual flow during my period cycle. It is economical and eco-friendly. The most important of all is that you can use it for as long as you can take care of it.”

The maker of this product is creative in their thinking because ever since I started using this cup, it has saved me from pad and tampon because I clean and use it again. No stress in fixing, no complications so far, and everything is going fine.

I am a skeptical person when it comes to trying out new things, but I still can’t explain what made me try out Dutchess Menstrual Cup, and it was a great feeling. It saves me the stress of checking whether my pad is getting soaked, and I do not have to bump into any restaurant to pretend as if I’m pressed.

How to use Dutchess Menstrual Cup

Before explaining how to use it, I’d like to clear your notion that it is not the usual cup you know. It is different. The cup is flexible, easily folded, and you can fix it into your inner lips without any fear or technical process. Below are the steps to follow

  • Wash your hands properly and ensure it is free from stain.
  • Remove the cup from the seal and fold gently.
  • Squat down properly and fix the cup between your lower cervixes.
  • Ensure the edge of the cup is out a little bit so that you can draw out when it’s time to discharge.

Does Dutchess Menstrual Cup cause Infections or Complications?

Dutchess Cup is made of silicone which means there is no chance of infections or complications from using it. The only requirement is that you take good care of the cup and ensure that it is from any form of contamination by maintaining good hygiene.


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How do I take care of Dutchess Cup?

I believe no woman will allow products meant for her sensitive body part used inappropriately. It only a normal thing to care for the Dutchess Cup while using it because of the protections it offers during menstruation.

However, after using it, try to wash and rinse properly with warm water and then use a tampon to clean it properly. It is also advisable to sterilize it because it leaves no room for any germs or infection to stay on the cup. After then, return it to the seal, and store it in a cool, dry place.

How much blood can Dutchess Cup contain?

I said Dutchess Cup saves you from unnecessary spending on menstrual pads and tampons because it can contain up to 35ml of blood. Going to research, women lose 50ml of blood each day they go through their menstrual cycle. 

With Dutchess Cup taking 35ml blood out of 50ml, you do not have to bother for longer hours about a mishap or disposing of it very soon. All you need to do is ensure that you’re fully aware of yourself, and you remove it when it is almost filled.

What if Dutchess Cup slips and falls off?

What if Dutchess Cup slips and falls off?

 As long as it is fixed properly, it doesn’t slip nor fall off, neither does mishap occur, it is scarce, and that is if you fix it without reading the instruction I mentioned earlier. 

The good thing about Dutchess Cup is that you can go about your daily activities without having to get worried or bother about removing to dispose of blood. If you want to swim, ride a bike, go jogging, Dutchess Cup gives you this freedom to enjoy yourself.

For how long can I use Dutchess Cup?

You can use Dutchess Cup for as long as ten years to maintain it carefully through proper hygiene. All you have to remind yourself is that you must wash properly after use, return it to its seal and keep it in a safe place. 

If you can keep up with the care, you do not have to bother about buying any protective measures for menstrual flow in the next ten years.


Is there any available alternative for Dutchess Cup?

You won’t find an alternative to Dutchess Cup in terms of containing much blood, but you can get an alternative of what to use during the lighter days when blood is not flowing heavily. 

Period Panties is ideal for the lighter days, and it is worn like a regular pant. Therefore I advise you to get the period panties and still retain Dutchess Cup; they help you have a safe menstrual cycle.

Can I return it if the cup doesn’t size me?

It is on rare occasions such happens. Nevertheless, we do not accept returns because it is a sensitive area product, so ensure to buy your size.

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