Diva Cup vs lunette Comparison – which is the best?

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Diva cup vs lunette comparison – I’ve been trying a new menstrual cup recently. Today, we are going to make some comparisons between the lunette and diva menstrual cup. I will share my honest review include pros and cons. which is better diva cup or lunette?

I have been using the Diva Cup for the past 2 years. I recently reached out to Lunette Company, they asked me to pick a color and size that I wanted because they have two sizes; I chose the regular normal size.


Diva Cup and lunette Comparison – which is the best?

So I’m going to compare the diva Cup and lunette Cup and share my experience with you, which menstrual cup is best to choose from.

I was able to use the lunette Cup, I think two or three cycles now. I don’t remember.

After all, I feel like it’s always so long because I have to wait once every month to do it.

I know I’ve done at least two cycles with this Cup, and that was sufficient for me to do this review since I am used to using the Cup now.

Diva Cup and lunette Comparison – which is the best

Lunette and Diva cup bag packaging review

The lunette packaging super cute; by the way, the packaging says, Say hello to your little friend. It came with a little manual on how to fold, insert and remove the Cup.

The lunette bag is like a silky fabric. It’s pretty big, while the Diva Cup bag is small. Both has different fabric and different sizes.

Diva vs Lunette Cup sizes comparison

As you can see, the Lunette Cup is shorter, and it’s a little bit wider, just a little bit, while the Diva Cup is just very narrow and long.

Lunette is a little bit wider, and the Diva Cup is a little bit thinner.


Diva vs Lunette cup stem review

The stem on the lunette Cup is a little bit softer than the Diva Cup.

However, I ended up cutting the Lunette cup’s tip because I’m not comfortable feeling the stem.

When I first tried the Diva Cup with the stem on it, it was super uncomfortable.

I could feel it coming down, and I immediately had to cut the stem.

The lunette cup stem feels comfortable, I could have kept it there, but I could still slightly feel it.

The Lunette is not as uncomfortable as Diva Cup I said before, but I didn’t see its point.

I prefer not to feel it anywhere near the opening, so I ended up cutting it off.


The Suction between Diva and Lunette.

I found that the suction on this Lunette cup was good.

I don’t know; maybe the shape fits a little bit better in my cervix.

But the suction was excellent on this Cup. When receiving my lunette Cup, I wasn’t sure if it would be big enough to fit inside and hold my flow for 12 hours.

 I was worried that I would have to empty it a little more often, but that was not the case. So Lunette Cup looks smaller, but it’s suction so well.

For Diva Cup, I take it out as often during my most solemn day.

I will recommend using Period Pants for Lighter days and Cups for Heavier days – get it now

Removing the Cup review - Diva & Lunette

Removing the Cup review – Diva & Lunette

I found that the Lunette cup is pretty challenging to remove because it suctions so well. 

The Diva Cup is longer and easier to grab.

Doing the pop flex is a perfect method for removing the diva cup.

So, removing the Lunette menstrual cup is a little bit more complicated.

The suction on is excellent on the Lunette cup, and when you try the poop flex, it slightly moves down, But I have to reach a little bit further to take it out.

Lunette is slightly more difficult, but Diva menstrual cup slides right down when I poop flex. 

Leaking review – Lunette Vs Diva Menstrual Cup

Leaking with this Lunette and Diva Cup is very little. 

If I do get leakage, I believe it’s just the excess from removing, and the Cup didn’t catch it while I was reinserting, and that’s pretty much the only thing I could think of.

Inserting Review – Diva Vs. Lunette Menstrual Cup

It’s easy to insert the Lunette Cup, but it’s problematic with it because once it opens and its suctions, I find it difficult to push it up.

I can’t seem to do it with one finger. I either have to do it with two fingers. Inserting is perfectly fine, but it’s pushing it up, is thought.

On Diva Cup, it’s as easy to insert pushing it up is not a problem push is not a problem with one finger.

Those are pretty much the pros and cons to it.

Conclusion – Which is better diva cup or Lunette?

Conclusion - Which is better diva cup or Lunette?

Both diva cup and lunette cup works fine. I don’t think I have a favorite at this point.

Both menstrual cup works perfectly fine. Maybe later down the road, I’ll have a better idea of which one I like best. But for now, I find that they’re pretty much the same in terms of outcome.

But it’s just the process of putting it in and taking it out that it’s different between these two cups.

If one Cup doesn’t work for you, you might have to try a different Cup just because your cervix could be completely different than mine.

I’m just sharing with you guys my experience and showing you guys the differences between the cups. 

Looking at a cup on the Internet and seeing the photos, it’s hard to gauge the difference between different cups and different sizes and shapes.

Let me know if you guys have tried both of these cups and what you prefer to help other people out who are considering menstrual cups or are trying to find a new one.

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