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Is CVS Surgical Gloves Counterfeit? Must Read!

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CVS Surgical Gloves Counterfeit – From selling Fake medicine to fraud prescription and now CoronoVirus Kits, can we trust medical equipment’s from CVS pharmacy?  


CVs surgical gloves are now on high demands with an incredible number of non-medical practitioners like you and me, ordering insane number of hand gloves all because of CoronoVirus.  


With the high rate of  pandemic virus spreading and outwitting the supply of protective pieces of medical equipment, can we guarantee the available supplies sold online are safe for protection?

Disposable Latex Gloves

Is CVS Surgical Gloves Counterfeit? 

We trusted CVS pharmacy, but the same company was sued for prescribing and administering fake drugs, and finally, agreed to pay $3.5million to resolve the allegation across 50 stores nationwide.


Don’t get me wrong, am not saying CVS surgical gloves are fakes or buying from CVS store is wrong. Medical gloves, Face masks, and sanitizer is now an essential part of our lives.  


We need these safety kits to protect ourselves and the people around us. With this precaution in mind, we need to be very careful where we are buying out safety kits.  

What Type of  Medical Gloves I Must  Buy?

Each year, fake pharmaceuticals flood North America and Europe unleashing fake drugs and medical kits to people’s life. So, to guarantee your safety and your family, extra precaution is a must.


Latex Glove CVSCVS latex gloves are among the best medical gloves in the market. Protect yourself with the best valuable disposable latex Gloves.   

These Gloves are more general use type. They’re ideal for wearing while gardening, cleaning, craft, auto care, and more.

You can use these Gloves for indoor and outdoor activities.  The Latex Gloves are made with natural latex rubber, BPA-free, flexible, and resistant to tear.

Features: Disposable Latex Gloves:

  • Lightly powdered with corn starch
  • Flexible and tear-resistant
  • Made from natural rubber latex
  • Cheap latex Gloves with Beaded cuff
  • BPA-free & Keeps your hands clean
  • Gloves can be easily pulled on or off
  • Latex Gloves can be used for various tasks
  • Use them indoors and outdoors
  • One size can fit most people

Where Can I Buy Latex Gloves?

You can find these Gloves online in Walmart stores, Amazon, and CVs stores nationwide. It’s time to stock-up and save a lot of money before the stocks runs out. Check here for latex Gloves wholesale prices. 


Vinyl gloves are a multipurpose ideal for activities that require multiple changes. They can be used by people sensitive to gloves.  

Disposable Vinyl GlovesIt is transparent, powder-free, and made from PVC. The pack contains 100 gloves; you can always enjoy comfortable protection, and use it when needed. 

Where Can I buy Vinyl Gloves?

Disposable vinyl gloves are sold in major online stores and always available as compared to CVS surgical gloves, scarcely seen online. Vinyl gloves usually come in two colors; clear vinyl and black vinyl. You can buy them from any of these stores;

  • Juforce for vinyl gloves wholesale
  • vinyl gloves Walgreens 
  • vinyl gloves target 
  • vinyl gloves CVS 
  • vinyl gloves home depot 
  • staples vinyl gloves

 Features: Disposable Vinyl Gloves

  • Multi-purpose disposable vinyl gloves
  • Latex-free and powder-free
  • Transparent and form-fitting
  • Food safe
  • BPA free


Disposable Plastic GlovesPlastic disposable gloves are latex-free and for gentle skin. The poly gloves are powder-free, made thin, and lightweight. They are ideal for home use and food preparation. It is affordable and available nationwide and major online stores

Where Can I buy Vinyl Gloves?

  • plastic gloves Walmart
  • plastic gloves target
  • plastic gloves CVS
  • Plastic gloves Amazon 

Features: Disposable Plastic Gloves

  • Disposable plastic gloves
  • One size fits most hands
  • Powder-free and food safe
  • Ideal for food preparation and handling
  • Comfortable fit and gentle on skin
  • 100+ count package
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