Breo Eye Massager Review – iSee4 & iSee16 works?

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I have used tons of eye massagers in the past, and Breo Eye Massager is one of them. A friend introduced the product to me, and I took my time to check it out before buying. So, join me as I review Breo Eye massager.

What is Breo Eye Massager?


Like other eye massagers, the function of Breo Eye Massager is to exert some pressure on your eyes and other areas around them. This product uses intelligent air pressure massaging technology to massage your eyes in a simple yet engaging way. It also relieves the pressure around the temple.

When I started shopping for the product, I came across both Breo iSee4 Eye Massager and Breo iSee16 Eye Massager. Based on my experience, both perform almost the same functions, with only a few differences in their design and performance. I have also read some articles on Breo iSee4 vs. iSee16, and they all agreed that the products are quite similar.


What are the main features of the Breo Eye Massager?

  • Advanced technology

This Massager relies on a powerful patented design that uses both acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. With the aid of its technologically advanced air pressure technique, the iSee4 will alleviate any tiredness or heaviness you may be feeling around your eyes.

Similarly, the product utilizes massage stimulation and infrared heating to perform its functions. The advanced technology guarantees that it can be used for various kinds of massages including percussion, kneading, as well as trigger point massages.

  • Exceptional design

Before buying the Massager, one of the things that caught my attention was its design. Although the design looks simple, it is optimized for exceptional performance. The product can be folded easily at 180°. Besides, the eye massager is lightweight. Hence, you can carry Breo iSee4 Eye massager wherever you are going without feeling any additional burden.

In addition, the foldable design ensures that it can be used by anyone irrespective of the shapes of their faces.


What customers like about Breo Eye Massager

What customers like about Breo Eye Massager

After checking out various websites such as Amazon, I discovered that some customers have reviewed the Breo Eye Massager. Based on the reviews, here are the things that customers like about the product:

  • Excellent customer care

A few of the customers have run into a few problems when using this Eye massager in Canada, Australia, NZ, and other places. But most of them have good things to say about the customer care of the manufacturer. The users noted that the customer care team was helpful and responsive through their contacts. Even some requested a full refund of their money within 30 days of buying the product, and they got their money back.

So, if you have any doubt about satisfaction after getting the product, you don’t have to worry too much.

  • Durability

When buying products like eye massagers, there is always a challenge with durability. But according to customer reviews, you can use Breo Eye massager for a few years. One customer specifically mentioned that she has been using the product every day for more than 4 years. I don’t use mine every day, but it has lasted for several months. The Breo Eye massager price is less than $100, so you would have enjoyed every bit of your money before it can ever get spoilt.

  • Easy to use

Other users also noted the ease of use associated with this eye massager. It boasts of having a one-button control with three modes. So, you have to use a single button to determine whether you want to set the massager at the moderate, intensive, or sleep mode. You can even switch the modes of the tool with your eyes closed. Everything you need to master how to use iSee4 and iSee16 is written in the Breo Eye massager manual.

  • LED light indicator

Based on the reviews, users liked the fact that the brand has a LED light indicator. Although the indicator is small, it is good enough for customers to know the charging status of the product.

Furthermore, there are no complaints about the battery life or charging of the eye massager. You can use the Breo isee 3,4,6 massager charger to recharge its lithium battery for just 2 hours and enjoy a functional time of over 2 to 3 hours.


What customers don’t like about the Breo massager

No product is perfect, and Breo Eye massager is not an exception. So, there are some complaints from the users that are worth mentioning.

What customers don’t like about Breo Eye massager


  • Annoying music

The massager comes with natural sounds such as chirping birds, running water, and ocean waves. You will probably expect the sounds to be soothing, but the reverse is the case. The majority of the users complained about how disturbing the sounds are. Rather than make you relax and sleep, the sounds would rather distract you. Some customers even suggested that buyers should also get noise-canceling headphones if they want to enjoy Breo Eye massager.

In addition, when a cycle ends, the product usually makes a loud beep. Some users complained that the annoying beep has woken them up several times when they were already falling asleep. While I don’t think the sound is distracting, many others have issues with it.

  • No intelligent setting

Users claimed that the Breo Eye massager doesn’t remember their settings. And I agree with this complaint. If you put the eye massager on a particular mode and put it off, it would have returned to its default setting when you turn it on again. So, you need to continue changing settings every time that you turn on your eye massager.

While I think Breo massager can perform its purpose, it is not the best product in the market. If you want to experience the best eye massages in the comfort of your home, you should rather choose Homiley Eye Massager. It comes with an upgraded design that guarantees that it is more effective than other popular brands in the market. I have used it a couple of times, and the difference between it and other products is obvious.



What are your views about the reviewed product?


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