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Human beings encounter problems on a daily basis. Most of the time, these are caused due to unknown reasons or invisible charged particles present in the air.  ...


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Are you looking for the best multivitamin for men? Warning! According to healthline, Multivitamins can be dangerous and lead to death if taken in the wrong ...


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Types and flavors consist of vital proteins collagen water blackberry hibiscus, Blueberry mint, Lemon ginger, orange lemon, peach white tea, and strawberry ...


Are you looking for a surgical face Mask? Surgical Mask CVS, 3M, and Henry Schein are the U.S #1 source for a medical face mask. Due to high demand and ...

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Kn95 Face mask
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  • Standard Shipping 15 -45 working days (CA, UK)

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mask surgical walmart - flu mask amazon
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Skin Scrubber Facial Cleanser
4 years ago

Skin Scrubber Facial Cleanser

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3D Facial Cleansing Brush
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Drop water bottle
4 years ago

Drop Water Bottle
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4 years ago

Easy Whisk

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  1. This product isn’t suitable for light or dark skin tones. I do recommend products like Deess hair removal, Philip lumea. However, be ready to shed some cash. But worth it than this small fitted products.

  2. Thanks for your contribution;

    That’s absurd; they are simply after the money and never cares about the customer paying their bill.

    Reliable IPL comes with a year’s warranty, which guarantees the customer product if something goes wrong.

    But it is of no use if the company deliberately dodge the return with some lame excuses.

  3. Hi Angie,

    Oh my gosh, this is heart-rending!

    It is unfortunate the so-called company pay less attention to what people are saying.

    My own experience was disappointing. I had bought multiple handsets in the past 2years, and most of them are entirely knockoff brand.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Hi Katrina,

    it’s so unfortunate; you can request a refund from your credit card explaining what happened. You may luckily get your fund back since no tracking number was given to you.

  5. Hi Raeesa,

    It’s so sad to hear what happened to you.

    Alternatively, you may file a complaint to your payment processor/bank, and the money reimbursed to your account.

  6. Most IPL you see are manufactured in China.

    Lets us know if the product worked for you


  7. Hi Gia,

    We can see everything worked for you.

    Thanks for your contribution.

  8. Hi Kristy,

    Thanks for your contribution.

  9. Hi Katrina,

    sorry to hear you never received your items.

    use this contact

    Take care

  10. Hi Kristin,

    Thanks for your contribution. I think Kenzzi doesn’t work for brown or dark skin tone. If you are having tough hair Try Homiley for $99 it works or DEESS GP590 Triplecare Laser Hair Removal, $450+ (not budget friendly but worth it)

  11. Hi Erica, most if these companies offers no room for replacement when the product goes wrong..

    You can look for a better ipl, however the price may not be budget friendly.
    DEESS GP590 Triplecare Laser Hair Removal $460+ or Homiley laser hair removal $99

  12. Thanks for sharing your opinion with us. Appreciated

  13. We noticed the IPL hair removal in questions works for some skin color. So, most buyers will definitely have a negative impact on using it. However, thanks for voicing out your opinion.

  14. Thank Alex for sharing your experience with the community. We notice they were offline for over 4 months and now back online. you may want to contact them again to see their reactions.

  15. Hi Anon,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and letting us know your experience with the product.

  16. Thanks, Aimee for your warm opinion

    Give it a try and tell us your experience, we will like to know if it works or not. Thank you

  17. Hi, thanks for sharing your opinion.

  18. Hi Ruthie,

    I understand how you feel. However, I believe the little information and opinion from other reviewers here will help you make a smart decision.

    You may want to try it out, starting from the lowest level setting to see how it goes. Your experience will be helpful to other people as well.

  19. I think is time to apply for a chargeback with your bank. However, the process may take some time you will certainly get back your money.

  20. Thanks to AmEx’s credit card protection. At least you got your money back. That’s the reason we’re out to burst these dodgy websites destroying the credibility of other genuine brands.

  21. Hi Dear,

    Many people complained of the same problem, overheating and skin burn. Contacting the company(Lux Skin IPL) for a refund is certainly a waste of time,
    the only response you will get is geared to upsell you with a discount and not to solve your problem.

    Don’t bother leaving a review on their website. Negative reviews will be deleted or republished as nicely written 5-star reviews.

  22. Hi Vanessa,

    So sorry to hear what happened to you. It’s so unfortunate how many people got scammed because they trusted their guts to buy from a website.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they tell you the shipment was delayed or lost because of the Corona pandemic!

    However, we found 80% of customers received their product purchased from “Lux Skin IPL”.

    The only major issue we had with this company is the bad “Quality of Laser hair remover”
    Let’s pray and hope you get your item soon. Kind Regards.

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