Athena Menstrual Cup Review

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Sometimes I wonder if women are going to have it easy during menstruation. I’ve spent a lot buying menstrual pads and tampons. However, one afternoon I decided to scramble around online and saw a Facebook ad on how to have safe and secure menstrual flow. There I discovered Athena Menstrual Cup. Hello everyone, my name is Dorcas Hermoso, I’m based in Toronto, Canada, and I’d like to share my experience with Athena Menstrual Cup with you.

What is Athena Menstrual Cup?

Athena Menstrual Cup is a silicone-made cup built to help women have a safe menstrual cycle and ease the stress of changing the regular menstrual pad. It is a portable, flexible, and folded cup that can contain menstrual flow than the regular we use, and it saves you from unnecessary spending.

Customers Opinion on Athena Cup

Maya from South Africa:

“I’m not the type that likes to try out new things because I’m always scared, but after I saw ladies attesting to how safe it is used Athena Cup, I decided to try it out. Honestly, every lady should give this cup a trial as it is economical and eco-friendly in nature. It absorbs ten times of what regular pad can take, and you can use it again.”

Paulina from Florida USA:

“Well, I’ve always wanted to see new experiences and try out a new thing. When I saw this product on a YouTube Ad, I decided to try it out, and I’m seriously amazed at its effectiveness in containing a large amount of blood. Ever since I started using this product, I’ve heard no issues or complications, it is safe, and I advise you to go ahead and try it.”

Bianca from Munich, Germany:

“All I can say is that Athena’s Cup is another step that humanity is advancing in research, and it is trying to make life a better place. The cup is efficient and effective in containing blood, it does not leak, and it is very easy to fix without any issue. Please, any lady reading this should try it out.”


Athena Cup Review

After buying this cup, I discovered that it was a flexible cup, easily folded, and can slot in the lower cervix without any issues. The silicone surface makes you feel like nothing is fixed in your inner lip, and it doesn’t fall off during the heavy days’ flow.

 I checked and followed the instruction without omitting any, and everything went perfectly well. The cup is indeed a reliable product that every lady should get because it saves them the cost of tampons and pads.


How do I use Athena Cup?

Using Athena Cup requires a simple step, and everything is done. Please note that you cannot afford to miss a step when fixing Athena Cup, so I’d advise you to pay full attention to these instructions on how to use it perfectly.

  • Wash your hands properly and ensure there is no stain left.
  • Remove the cup from the seal.
  • Squat down properly in your private room or you can sit in a water closet.
  • Fold the cup and insert gently between your inner lips.
  • Ensure the edge of the cup is within your hand reach, and do not push it to the extent that your hand cannot remove it conveniently. Do these carefully, and everything is fine.

What if I injure myself while trying to insert Athena Cup?

What if I injure myself while trying to insert Athena Cup?

Firstly, the maker of this cup knows it is a sensitive area product; therefore, it is very light due to its silicone rubber surface. Therefore, the chances of injury during fixing are very low as it does not have any substance that can cause injury. Read the instruction I explained carefully; I’d advise you to go back and read meticulously. Athena cup doesn’t cause any form of injury because it is designed to blend with your sensitive part.

Does Athena Cup cause infection?

No, it does not cause any infection because it is made of silicone. The chances of infection are if you do not take care of the cup properly and keep it in a safe place free from any form of contamination that can cause health implications. Just the way you take good care of your skin and health, that is how it should be with Athena Cup, and no infection will come close to you.


How do I take care of Athena Cup?

Taking care of Athena Cup is not something difficult as long as you can maintain clean hygiene. It is a long-term product; I made inquiries from their sales representative, and here is what I was told. After the cup gets filled and blood is discharged, you should wash it if you are in your house with warm water little bit of soapy content to ensure no form of bloodstain is left.

Can I sterilize Athena Cup?

Very well, you can sterilize as it is even another means to guarantee that the cup is free from germs. After washing it, you can put it in your oven and let it get warm for a maximum of seven minutes. Once it is done, remove and keep it in a safe place until you are ready to use it again.

Can I buy Athena Cup online?

Definitely yes! All you need to do is check if your country is within their delivery coverage. However, Athena Menstrual Cup costs $45. Please note that the delivery fee is separate and you are responsible for the cost.

Do you know an alternative to Athena menstrual Cup?

Do you know an alternative to Athena Cup?

Well, I will advise you to get period panties that can also absorb a meaningful amount of blood, and you can go about your daily activities without stress. Also, you can use Athena Cup and Period Panties interchangeably; the former during the heavy days, while the latter should be used for the lighter days. This means will ease you of the stress of having to change and insert it over again.

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